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Compliance Corner

    nathan_pocockBy Nathan Pocock, Director of Compliance

    Recently, we have seen a high number of test failures due to application crashes and resource leaks, which is part of our extensive behavior and reliability testing. We have written a new whitepaper on Certification Resource Efficiency Testing that addresses these points of failure and walk you through the exact steps we use in the lab.

    Certified OPC products are ideal for production use because they have been tested by the OPC Foundation Certification Test Lab for compliance, interoperability, usability, but most importantly: robust error handling and recovery that will provide years of reliable operations, greatly reducing the costly risks of unavailability and/or shutdown.

    Here are the Certification Test Lab test results for the first half of 2014 (01 January – 06 June):

    • Tests completed: 19
    • Products certified: 5, with 1 pending
    • Failed: 13

    There are only two weeks of testing availability remaining in Q3, so book your tests now.

    Compliance Working Group Update

    The Compliance Working Group is actively working on the compliance program for UA Alarms & Conditions. Of the prioritized Conformance Units we have completed one-third of them, resulting in 46 sophisticated new test-cases added to our database, with many, many more test-cases pending review. We need your help!

    Vendors with UA A&C products are requested to join the Compliance Working Group to help author more test-cases, to create and/or test new CTT scripts, and to benefit from participating with some of the most knowledgeable OPC experts.

    Contact the Compliance department if you have questions about joining the Compliance Working Group, the certification program or testing.