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Case Studies

NAONWORKS Enhances Industrial Security with Gateway and OPC UA SDKs from Softing

    A power plant faced a critical need for a secure and reliable gateway to facilitate data acquisition between a real-time database and nine different DCS’s. NAONWORKS’ Gateway with Softing’s SDK was the solution. Crucially, it ensures individual access control and configuration rights as well as user authentication and implements effective data encryption.

    Automation Solutions Implemented 3 Months Earlier with DeviceXPlorer OPC Server

      Nittoku is known as the leading company in the manufacturing of coil winding machines and winding solutions. Seeking a solution which could support vendor-specific protocols from a wide range of equipment makers, Nittoku deployed DeviceXPlorer OPC Server (DxpSERVER), the OPC-supported industrial communication software from Takebishi.

      A Gateway Solution for Monitoring Water Treatment Facilities

        For vital infrastructure like water supply facilities, availability and reliability are essential to successful water processing. Communication specifications for data from various vendors differ for each site, and across vast distances. Takebishi’s DeviceGateway harmonizes data from 320 different series of products like PLCs and sensors into OPC UA.

        Transforming Shop Floor Automation Using OPC UA

          Embracing digital transformation has become imperative for companies to follow processes, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation. This article covers two case studies on how companies from different industries, steel and oil & gas, started their digital journey from the ground up.

          Standardizing on OPC UA in Solar Energy Production

            The MAP Gateway system is standardized with OPC UA. It aggregates all asset data from solar plants, standardizes it and interprets it semantically using AI algorithms. Diverse pieces of equipment are assembled in Scatec’s solar fields. OPC UA creates compatibility between them.

            OPC UA Success Story: Rosendahl

              Rosendahl Nextrom develops and manufactures equipment for the global cable, fiber optics and battery industry. Their changeover to OPC UA took place in the course of a one-month pilot project. it had to be ensured that all required plant components from a wide range of manufacturers could be connected with OPC UA. The implementation was fast and smooth.

              Appliance Maker Miele Standardizes on OPC UA

                Miele is the world’s leading supplier of premium domestic appliances, as well as appliances for commercial use. In 2018 the company started their Industrie 4.0 journey. Today, 100% of Miele’s suppliers now provide OPC UA-compliant products with OPC UA interfaces in machines and controllers.

                Multi-Vendor Alarm Integration with OPC UA

                  Alarm data is critical to industrial operations to notify operators of problems or potential future problems, convey status of process sequences, support the optimization of operations, and predict maintenance needs. OPC UA does it all with its Alarms & Conditions.

                  Digital Transformation at Groupe Renault

                    Groupe Renault’s plan is to implement the use of OPC UA-enabled devices and equipment at all production sites worldwide, and to implement end-to-end data communication from the sensor to the machines to the cloud and back again using the OPC UA communication standard.