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Compliance Corner

Compliance Corner – March 2024

    In this article: successful InterOp Workshop held in March in Phoenix, AZ plus the Open Process Automation Forum gears up to commence certification activities related to the O-PAS standard –mandating OPC UA certification.

    Compliance Corner – December 2023

      This year we saw several accomplishments. We made 3 releases of the Compliance Test Tool (CTT). OPC UA FX testing made big strides. We have also released new or enhanced testing for companion specifications including MDIS, PA-DIM and Weighing. Finally, we completed audits of all accredited certification test labs of the OPC Foundation.

      Compliance Corner – September 2023

        This month we released a new version of the Conformance Test Tool (CTT). This release provides initial testing of the OPC UA FX specifications with a target of eventually having between 90% and 95% of all OPC UA FX testing automated.

        Compliance Corner – June 2023

          This month we report on updates regarding PubSub compliance testing, UAFX compliance testing, and MDIS compliance testing. During the recent OPC Day(s) 2023, two interesting presentations regarding certification were presented.

          Compliance Corner – March 2023

            We thought we would do something a little different for our newsletter this quarter. We thought you might be interested in hearing from a vendor that has been through the Certification process. Learn from what they experienced, the benefits they received from the certification, and their honest feedback.

            Compliance Corner – December 2022

              The Compliance Working Group has been busy this year, focusing on improving test cases in three main areas: Companion Specifications, OPC UA Field EXchange (UAFX), and Ethernet-APL. More devices than planned were tested in 2022, and demand is already strong for 2023.

              Compliance Corner – June 2022

                Test-case automation has been keeping pace with OPC UA specification releases to make it easy for vendors to build OPC UA-enabled products and ensure compliance. To that end, the OPC Foundation has built an online product catalog of products for end-users to search.

                OPC UA Compliance for Industrial Interoperability

                  OPC UA is committed to compliance in order to realize “The Industrial Interoperability Standard”. In this article, Omron will introduce you to the services for checking compliance, the certification test items, and the topic of the certification test.

                  Compliance Corner – March 2022

                    The first InterOperability Event of the year is scheduled to start March 21, 2022. It is a hybrid event with in-person attendance at Honeywell in Phoenix, AZ as well as the ability to connect remotely. Lots of work has been happening on the Conformance Test Tool (CTT) to keep up with the rapid pace of development of the OPC UA specifications.

                    Compliance Corner – December 2021

                      We accomplished two major releases of the Conformance Test Tool (CTT) this year, and updated the interoperability (IOP) infrastructure to better support hybrid IOP events. In 2022 our goals are to automate more testing and add test-cases for PubSub, OPC UA FX, AliasNames, and much more.