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Compliance Corner – June 2023

    Presentations During OPC Day(s) 2023

    Last quarter we provided a testimony about certification from the point of view of Schneider Electric. During the OPC Day(s) event last week, we had a presentation from Eugen Schibli, Mettler-Toledo, discussing the certification process and general thoughts on automated testing and certification. In his talk he described automated testing and how it plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of products that implement companion specifications. He also described the automated the testing process and its effect on accelerating the validation of their integration work. If you are interested, watch a recording of the Tuesday June 20 presentation here . Also on Tuesday we made a presentation on cybersecurity, in particular on OPC UA and ISA 62443 (which offers their own certification). The presentation provided an overview of the mapping between OPC UA security functionality and the functionality required by ISA/IEC 62443. The presentation also described how OPC UA certification is an important precursor for 62443 certification. The certification for IEC/IAS 62443 is provided by ISA Security Compliance Institute. The certification team has been busy working on test cases and automated testing.

    • See video “Benefits of Compliance Testing from a vendor perspective” from Eugen Schibli, Mettler Toledo
    • See video “Leveraging OPC UA IEC 62443 mapping for Compliance: Enhancing Industrial Cybersecurity” by Paul Hunkar

    CTT Beta Version – PubSub

    We just released a beta version of the CTT that includes an updated infrastructure for testing.  This updated infrastructure provides the ability to do PubSub testing and includes some initial test cases for PubSub. The automated test scripts are still under development for these test cases and are awaiting products against which to to verify them. It also includes many new updates and fixes for other base functionality. Some of these infrastructure additions (i.e. dialog boxes for semi-automated testing of manual test steps) will help us to automate more client testing. It also includes better diagnostic support.  The release also includes script updates for additional A&C testing and Historian testing.

    UAFX Testing

    With these infrastructure changes we will be able to support some initial UAFX testing. For UAFX we are targeting to have greater than 90% automated testing available for the information model aspect of the specification. The entire asset model testing has been available for a longer period of time, and part of FunctionalEntity testing is now available. We are still working on testing all aspects of connection establishment. Part 82 and part 83 are still in various phases of completion and will be worked on next.

    MDIS Testing

    MDIS testing has been updated, including final client tests. Automated CTT testing is nearing completion for version 1.3 of the specification. We are targeting (together with the MDIS working group) to have the final release of the 1.3 specification coupled to the release of the 1.3 testing additions. MDIS is the first companion specification that includes basic information model testing, functional testing of information models, and client testing (include behavior testing). This should complete all aspects of the MDIS project.

    – Paul & Alex
    OPC Foundation Compliance