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Takebishi DeviceGateway Clean Energy Visualization


    The DeviceGateway by Takebishi Corporation is an all-in-one IoT gateway that can connect to over 320 series of machinery and a wide variety of IoT services, including AWS and Microsoft Azure. This makes it the perfect solution for visualizing power generation metrics in clean energy generation facilities such as wind and solar.

    With the introduction of the Feed-in Premium (FIP) incentive policy in Japan, energy producers must now provide the “expected value” of energy production. If the predicted values don’t match the actual results, they will be responsible for paying the “imbalance cost” as a penalty. Therefore, it is essential to have accurate and up-to-date data on power generation.

    This market revolution has greatly increased the need for prediction and visualization technology for energy producers. DeviceGateway can help them achieve this by providing a central hub for data collection. This data can be used to monitor and optimize power generation, as well as to predict future production levels. This information can in turn be used to make better business decisions and to ensure that energy producers are meeting their FIP obligations.

    DeviceGateway supports clean energy generation facilities such as wind and solar, can access data from both new and existing equipment, and can convert the various formats of machine data and transfer them to the cloud for advanced analysis. By introducing DeviceGateway to electricity production facilities, the data from the various machines within the facility (wind turbines, power conditioners, etc.) can be managed within a unified visualization dashboard.

    DeviceGateway: The Universal Translator for Electricity Generation Data

    Data generated in electricity production facilities is based on a wide variety of specifications and can come in many different formats depending on the controller, PLC model, or machine manufacturer from which it originates. Combine that with operational data coming via international standards like IEC 61850, DNP3, and the popular industrial standard Modbus protocol for the energy and water service fields, and DeviceGateway handles the difficult challenge of abstracting and normalizing all your electricity generation data through OPC UA, MQTT, HTTP, and other standard communication protocols directly to cloud systems. From these cloud systems, each stakeholder can access a secure, role-based view of their operations to stay informed with real-time equipment data regardless of location. In addition to its ability to collect and visualize wind generation facility data such as rotation status, electricity generation, and wind speed and direction, DeviceGateway is also able to integrate with third-party API services to provide current and predicted weather data, which can be used to further improve the accuracy of power generation predictions.

    As the world moves towards a carbon neutral society, the demand for clean energy will continue to grow. DeviceGateway, with its rich connectivity to a wide range of machines, devices, and equipment, is a crucial and flexible element that will play an active role in the realization of a sustainable society.

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