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Compliance Corner

Compliance Corner – March 2020

    The OPC Foundation has been aggressively working on enhancing it certification program and has recently released a new beta version of the Compliance Test Tool (CTT). Many working groups are looking at requiring certification testing as part of their OPC UA Companion Specification. Join us at an InterOP to learn more.

    Compliance Corner – March 2019

      Welcome to the Compliance Corner. We are proud to announce the OPC Foundation has certified its first product ever for an OPC UA Companion Specification Information Model. In this case, MDIS. Other updates here include results from our most recent InterOp and plans for the Conformance Test Tool (CTT).

      Compliance Corner – October 2018

        Every newsletter we have been trying to discuss some of the new testing and information model testing work that has been accomplished since the last newsletter. We do not have a new companion spec to write about for this letter, but we do have some updates on some of the other groups we have talked about in the past.

        Compliance Corner – August 2018 Update

          Welcome to this edition’s Compliance Corner update. Last month you heard about the lab from Alexander and some bits about what has happened with regard to certification. In this newsletter we will try to pass on some of the new items we are working on, including some of the new information-model testing that is in progress.

          Certification Corner

            Welcome to the Certification Corner, let me introduce myself, I’m Alexander Allmendinger the Test Lab Director of OPC Foundation accredited European Certification Lab. Compliance Director Paul Hunkar and I will provide you an update on certification.

            Compliance Corner

              Welcome to the Certification Corner, let me introduce myself, I’m Paul Hunkar, the Director of Compliance and Certification for the OPC Foundation. This repeating addition to the newsletter will be where we will talk about what is new or important in OPC Foundation Certification.

              Compliance Corner

                2016 seems to be the year of certifying embedded UA Servers. Several other embedded UA products are also scheduled for testing. OPC UA is truly cross-platform. Embedded UA products have long been promised and are now a reality. Do you have an embedded device that needs to be certified?

                Certification Corner

                  Certification continues to be prominent feature of OPC UA because it provides a high level of assurance that a product complies with the specifications. It assures the product is interoperable, robust, reliable, and efficient with resources. It is without surprise why users, organizations, and standards bodies are adopting OPC UA.

                  OPC Foundation InterOp Europe Workshop: Count Me In!

                    A first-person impression of an OPC InterOp: This workshop is “the event” for testing OPC products for interoperability. Vendors can test and debug their products against one another for not only interoperability, but also compliance and reliability. IOP workshops also provide an ideal opportunity to learn about OPC technology and to interact with industry-leading experts.

                    Compliance Corner

                      Is your product one of the 108 products Certified by the OPC Foundation? Certified product prove they are ready for production environments as they demonstrate compliance, interoperability with other vendors’ products, robustness, graceful recovery from bad communications, and don’t over-consume vital system resources.