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Standardizing on OPC UA in Solar Energy Production

    The Norwegian systems integrator Prediktor is a leading provider of asset management and real-time data management solutions to renewable- and energy asset owners. It is also a global technology leader in OPC and OPC UA. Mapping work- and production-flows with a view to automating management and control has been Prediktor’s focus from the company’s foundation in 1995. Since then, Prediktor has provided solutions for clients in a number of industries. Starting out with clients in the maritime industires – fishery, oil & gas – Prediktor now focuses on renewable energy asset owners. Prediktor has been a member of the OPC Foundation since 1997. Espen Krogh, CEO at Prediktor, is a long-standing OPC workshop instructor for Norwegian business associations and at the OPC Foundation.

    “In a solar plant, you have more than 100.000 data points every second. If you don’t have a system that helps you find out what you need to look into and assists in data-driven decision making, then there’s not even a point in collecting that much data.”

    Thomas Pettersen, Vice President Operations Management at Prediktor

    The MAP Gateway system is standardized with OPC UA. It aggregates all asset data, standardizes it and interprets it semantically using AI algorithms. Diverse pieces of equipment are assembled in Scatec’s solar fields. OPC UA creates compatibility between them.

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