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Matrikon – Product News Q1 2023


    Revolutionize Modbus Infrastructure with Modbus MDBA

    Modbus users can now use Modbus Adapter for Matrikon Data Broker (Modbus MDBA) to enhance their Modbus infrastructure with advanced OPC UA-based functionality. By leveraging the Modbus MDBA, users can keep their existing Modbus infrastructure while adding context to their data, making it meaningful to a broader range of consumers.

    Shifting to the native OPC UA environment, Modbus MDBA offers lets users securely expand their data’s visibility enterprise-wide. With Modbus MDBA security features like data encryption, certificate-based authentication, and Reverse Connect functionality, users can eliminate the IT/OT gap they typically face when sharing OT data outside the OT network.

    The Modbus MDBA leverages Matrikon Data Broker’s ability to consolidate data sources into a single access point, providing a convenient, centralized location for all their OT data. Breathe new life and functionality into your Modbus infrastructure with the Modbus MDB Adapter.

    Finally, unlike older Modbus to OPC Classic solutions, which had to run on Windows, Modbus MDBA solutions run on Windows and Linux containers, allowing users to build architectures that best fit their needs.

    Learn More About Modbus MDBA here

    Webcast: Five Keys to Successfully Digitalizing your OT-data Infrastructure

    On March 28th, 2023, join Control Engineering and Matrikon for a webcast explaining the OT/IT technology foundation needed to maximize the success rate of your digitalization projects.

    Key points covered will include:

    • How Data Technology (DT) bridges the IT/OT gap and helps companies implement a Unified OT Data Layer (UODL)
    • A modern (OPC UA and MQTT-based) approach to data connectivity in new and existing systems
    • Making data meaningful: why it’s mandatory and how to do it
    • Keeping enterprise-wide OT data secure
    • Ensuring you have an Edge-to-cloud connectivity solution
    • Maximizing OT-data infrastructure sustainability by making it scalable and extensible

    Learn More and Register to Watch Live or for On-demand Access

    Windows DCOM Security Update: March 14th

    OPC Classic users are encouraged to review the DCOM Security changes Microsoft announced for the third and final stage of its phased security update set for release on March 14th, 2023. With the changes rolled out, it is imperative for OPC Classic users who still rely on DCOM-based communications to ensure they take sufficient measures to keep their systems running.

    Those using OPC Classic-based architectures or a hybrid of OPC UA and OPC Classic may be affected because OPC Classic relies on the Windows operating system for its underlying communications via COM and DCOM. Changes to how Windows implements DCOM security can adversely affect OPC Classic communications.

    Note: To minimize potential connectivity disruptions, Microsoft made additional modifications to the DCOM security patch. While the extra measures help in many cases, they will not eliminate the risks of potential communication interruptions for all OPC Classic users. For this reason, OPC Classic users are advised to evaluate their specific scenarios by their in-house engineering teams or use a third party like Matrikon to do it for them.

    Learn what you need to know about the DCOM security changes in the Matrikon whitepaper  “OPC Classic Data Connectivity Notice: 2022 Microsoft Windows DCOM Security Update Impact and Path Forward”.

    Topics covered in this paper include:

    • What this DCOM security update entails and the Windows versions it applies to
    • Which OPC Classic architectures will be impacted
    • How to solve or mitigate the effects of this update on affected OPC Classic architectures

    Download the Whitepaper

    Professional DCOM Assessment Services

    To help customers simplify the DCOM assessment and preparation process, Matrikon offers a Matrikon DCOM Checkup Service where a Matrikon OPC expert:

    • Remotely inspects a customer site’s OPC infrastructure and assesses potential DCOM risks
    • Compiles a report of the OPC security health findings and reviews it with the customer
    • Provides a prioritized action plan for eliminating the identified risks

    Download the Matrikon DCOM Checkup Service datasheet or contact Matrikon directly at opcsales[AT] to learn more or get started.

    Matrikon Users Conference 2023 in Houston

    Join us at the Matrikon Users Conference 2023 in Houston to learn about leading strategies and solutions you need to know about to solve today’s most pressing OT data-related challenges, including:

    • Budget-friendly OT data infrastructure modernization (moving to OPC UA)
    • Manage OT data context enhancement
    • Maintain secure enterprise-wide data visibility
    • Simplify to-cloud communications
    • and more

    Learn More and Register

    Empower End-Users to put OPC UA Data Modeling to work with MDB

    If data connectivity to individual 3rd party OT applications and components is the foundation that Digitalization, digital twins, and IoT projects are built on, then organizing that OT data into contexts that are meaningful to its various consumers across the enterprise is the cornerstone sitting on top of that foundation.  As such, Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) data technology (DT) is the foundation and the cornerstone.

    MDB makes it easy to provide end-users with a convenient way to:

    1. Dynamically create and manage multiple data contexts by loading UA Companion Specification Nodeset files of their choice
    2. Map combinations of UA items from any of the 3rd party data sources they federate with MDB
    3. Enable applications to Interact with the mapped objects instead of connecting directly to the underlying data sources.

    Watch this brief video about UA Data Modeling with MDB to discover how easily you can manage the context of your 3rd party OT data sources to make it faster and easier to find and use the correct OT data in the proper context from anywhere in the enterprise.

    Learn More About MDB and get your Free Windows or Linux Container Trial Version