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NAONWORKS Enhances Industrial Security with Gateway and OPC UA SDKs from Softing


    In the field of secure network operations, NAONWORKS stands out as a provider of cutting-edge security solutions. These solutions seek to leverage a variety of technologies within open systems, for convergence industries. The focus is on industry protocols, big data, deep packet inspection, and technologies for behavior and status analysis.

    The Challenge: Securing Critical Data Flow

    A power plant faced a critical need for a reliable gateway to facilitate data acquisition between a real-time database (RTDB) and nine different distributed control systems (DCS). The concern was safeguarding the subordinate network layers within the power plant from external interference. The existing gateway lacked a Common Criteria (CC) certificate, a crucial element for safeguarding critical infrastructures.

    Technical Requirements: Surpassing Compatibility Demands and Ensuring Stability

    The nine DCSs in question were from industry giants Siemens, ABB and GE. The selected CEREBRO-DD gateway from NAONWORKS had to be compatible with all nine systems, supporting the OPC UA and OPC DA communication protocols. Stability and robustness in data communication were paramount.

    The Solution: Secure Gateway, Versatile Protocols

    NAONWORKS addressed the challenge by leveraging Softing’s OPC UA SDKs in the development of the new CEREBRO-DD gateway. The result was a gateway that met all the customer’s technical requirements. It supports a range of industrial protocols, including OPC UA, OPC DA, ODBC, MQTT, Modbus RTU/TCP, Siemens S7, Mitsubishi, LS Electric, and RTSP. Crucially, it ensures individual access control and configuration rights as well as user authentication and implements effective data encryption. The physical separation between office and production networks is also seamlessly integrated.

    The Result: Unidirectional Security, Swift Market Deployment

    The implementation of physical unidirectionality through hardware-based network separation establishes risk-free communication. Supported by a non-routable unidirectional protocol, this approach enhances security significantly. The integration of an encryption module further fortifies data transmission security. Leveraging Softing OPC UA SDKs contributed to a remarkably short time-to-market, showcasing NAONWORKS’ commitment to efficiency and innovation.

    Authors: Softing Industrial Automation GmbH with Stephano Choi (Sales Director NAONWORKS until Jan 2023)


    Trade Show Alert:

    Softing Industrial will have a partner pod at the OPC Foundation Stand 4-151 at embedded world trade show in Nuremberg/Germany, April 9 to 11, 2024.