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Automation Solutions Implemented 3 Months Earlier with DeviceXPlorer OPC Server


    Nittoku Europe GmbH (Nittoku Europe) is an Austrian subsidiary of NITTOKU CO., LTD., which is known as the leading company in the manufacturing of coil winding machines and winding solutions. The company engages with European manufacturing, and provides comprehensive solutions for its end users in addition to selling their original coil winding machines. To accomplish this, managing the data from surrounding equipment and the conveyer belts is a vital concern.

    To manage the equipment data, support for various communication interfaces which correspond to each piece of equipment is necessary. In the past, each of these programs needed to be developed from scratch, which was a slow and costly process. Seeking a solution which could support vendor-specific protocols from a wide range of equipment makers, Nittoku Europe deployed DeviceXPlorer OPC Server (DxpSERVER), the OPC supported industrial communication software from Takebishi, in the line control system of their winding machines. During testing, Nittoku Europe found that the communication speed of DxpSERVER was 30% faster than other products, which played a major role in their decision.

    By implementing DxpSERVER, Nittoku Europe was able to achieve the following benefits:

    • Reduce lead time.
    • Lower the development expenses for connections during system integration with different types of equipment.
    • Cut the development costs for linking with the end user’s host system (such as MES/ERP).
    • Concentrate on the core business of enhancing the performance and features of winding machines.

    Nittoku Europe Automated System

    Nittoku Europe is very satisfied with the results of using DxpSERVER, and plans to expand its use to other production lines and sites.
    Products Used: DeviceXPlorer OPC Server
    Keywords: Reduced lead time, Multi-Vendor connectivity

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