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Events Update

    Upcoming Events

    OPC Interoperability Workshop, Asia

    The 2014 OPC Foundation Interoperability Workshop (IOP) for Asia will be hosted again this year at the Time24 Building Tokyo Big Sight. For those of you who attended past workshops, you know the value of testing your applications in a controlled environment with your peers.

    For more information about the OPC Interoperability Workshop, Asia, please see the OPC Foundation web site Events page.

    Information Revolution 2014

    Join the OPC Foundation and Microsoft for the Information Revolution 2014 on 05 and 06 August.

    The conference will be held at Microsoft’s Redmond Campus and will feature experts from across the industry presenting how to jump start your engagement with OPC Unified Architecture.

    For more information about the Information Revolution 2014, please see the OPC Foundation web site Events page.

    Recent Events

    OPC Interoperability Workshop, North America


    The OPC Foundation concluded it’s 2014 North American Interoperability Workshop (IOP) in April. Here are the numbers:

    • We had 20 attendees representing 11 member companies.
    • Of the 37 products tested, nine were based on OPC Classic with 28 based on OPC UA.
    • 20 of the products tested were OPC servers and 17 were OPC clients.

    IOPs are a “must attend” event for anyone preparing their OPC UA and/or COM-based products for market, or for testing new features/functionality. Attendees can test and debug their applications while running against dozens of other vendor-products in a controlled environment.

    The OPC Foundation strongly encourages all vendors to attend at least one IOP workshop to ensure that their product(s) are truly interoperable.

    When asked about the value of the Interoperability Workshops, Ravil Nugmanov from GE Intelligent Platforms stated that…

    “…product experts are all in the [same] room. I can walk over to them instead of calling Tech Support and going through the layers to get an answer”.

    That, he said “is a huge time saver”!

    For more information about Interoperability Workshops, please contact the Compliance department.

    OPC Day Europe – Where IT Meets Automation


    “IT meets Automation” was the motto of this year’s OPC Day Europe, which took place on May 14 and 15, 2014 in a wonderful conference environment at Festo company offices in Esslingen, Germany. A total of 190 participants from 16 countries were able to catch up on OPC UA technology as well as its distribution and application.

    A pre-conference provided information about the OPC UA technology and its benefits: experts gave presentations on interoperability in data and information exchange that is independent from the manufacturer, operating system and language, in conjunction with integrated security functions and access rights to a wide range of information models.

    Read the press release in English here and in German here.

    The Automation Conference


    The OPC Foundation participated in The Automation Conference hosted by our media partner, Automation World.  Over 120 attendees listened in on the OPC Foundation session as three end-users presented how OPC-UA is used in their organizations.