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Fractionation Plant Boosts Efficiency with Ignition & OPC UA

    By Inductive Automation

    Enerchem International Inc. is a leader in the production and distribution of hydrocarbon drilling and fracturing fluids. Staying ahead of the curve with new technologies, Enerchem has been utilizing the SCADA software platform Ignition by Inductive Automation® at their Slave Lake facility in Alberta Canada for over 5 years.

    Taking full advantage of Ignition and its built-in, cross-platform OPC-UA server, system integrator Kyle Chase – CEO of Kymera Systems – helped Enerchem build a cost-effective system that has increased the efficiency of their processes. Enerchem’s Director of Plants and Terminals, Kevin Bouchard says: “With real-time remote access and trending capabilities the overall efficiency of the yield of the product as compared to the crude we consume is much better. Ignition has been an economical and profitable system for us.”