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Events Update

    Upcoming Events

    Intelligent Building Systems – 24 September, France

    Stop by the OPC Foundation booth to learn about scalablility and adoption of OPC UA technology in small sensors for energy measurement, and for smart energy management. Learn how BACnet is mapping objects into the OPC UA namespace. Find us at Stand H18.

    For more information about the Intelligent Building Systems event in France, please see the OPC Foundation web site Events page.

    OPC Foundation Events Page

    We conduct and attend several events throughout the year that showcase OPC technology and its member’s solutions (mention the IOPs, OPC Days, etc.). See what’s coming up next.

    Recent Events

    Information Revolution 2014


    The OPC Foundation Information Revolution 2014 Conference was held at Microsoft’s Redmond Campus on August 5 – 7, 2014. The conference featured industry experts who both presented and learned more about OPC Unified Architecture.

    If you missed this information-packed conference, you can access the presentations here.

    For a complete event write up, read Bill Lydon’s article in this newsletter and on

    OPC Interoperability Workshop, Asia


    The OPC Foundation concluded it’s 2014 Asian Interoperability Workshop (IOP) in June. Here are the numbers:

    • 26 attendees representing 10 member companies.
    • 20 products were tested; 11 were based on OPC Classic with 9 based on OPC UA.
    • 13 of the products were OPC servers; 7 were OPC clients.

    Challenge Test

    In addition to normal tests to evaluate interoperability between OPC clients and servers, we conducted the Challenge Test, in which all of the OPC clients and servers were stress tested with thousands of tags/nodes per connection, concurrently during network connectivity losses.

    We also introduced a security attack as part of the network error simulations. The validity of this new trial test is still under the consideration, but the initial feedback we have received indicates that the test should be performed next year also.

    About Interoperability Workshops

    IOPs are a “must attend” event for anyone preparing their OPC UA and/or COM-based products for market, or for testing new features/functionality. Attendees can test and debug their applications while running against dozens of other vendor-products in a controlled environment.

    The OPC Foundation strongly encourages all vendors to attend at least one IOP workshop to ensure that their product(s) are truly interoperable.

    When asked about the value of the Interoperability Workshops, Ravil Nugmanov from GE Intelligent Platforms stated that…

    “…product experts are all in the [same] room. I can walk over to them instead of calling Tech Support and going through the layers to get an answer”.

    That, he said “is a huge time saver”!

    For more information about Interoperability Workshops, please contact the Compliance department.