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New Product Releases

    Here are the latest product releases from some of our members:


    KEPServerEX Version 5.15

    Kepware Technologies recently announced major product updates to KEPServerEX version 5.15, which features the new Omron NJ Ethernet Driver, schedule and calendar objects for the BACnet/IP Driver, AES Version 3 Encryption for the SNMP Driver, and updates to 28 other supported drivers and plug-ins.


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    OPC UA Client for OpenVMS

    The Client can be integrated into any existing architecture that you have in place for applications where your OpenVMS system needs to gather data from an OPC source (PLC, DCS, etc.). Integration is via a library of API calls that can be integrated into your code to replace your old communication interface. Read more…

    OPC UA Server for OpenVMS

    The Server can be integrated into any existing architecture that you have in place. It is useful for applications where your OpenVMS system serves as a data source to other systems (graphics, historians, Level 1, ERP, etc.). The Server is integrated via a library of API calls. Data structures are customized and configured to a user’s specific application to allow simple and complex data to be accessed. Once your data is connected to the Server, the Server will take care of sending it in the appropriate format and at the proper rate to any OPC UA Client needing the data. Read more…

    OPC UA Connector for OpenVMS

    If you have an older OpenVMS system, such as a VAX or ALPHA pre OpenVMS 8.4, OPC can be brought to your system via the RoviSys OPC UA Connector. This software allows you to connect your older OpenVMS applications to the world through our OPC UA for OpenVMS Client with minimal impact and footprint on your VAX. Read more…



     GENESIS64™ Version 10.85 Software Suite

    ICONICS announces the release of version 10.85! This new release is packed with over 500 new features including new project documentation/reporting, new Web-based Pack-and-Go, compliance with multiple data sources (including VMware, certified OPC UA connectivity, BACnet B-AWS, and SNMP v3), and WebHMI Bulk Publishing. These important, time-saving features and productivity tools were created to help users become more efficient than ever before.


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    Prosys_Java_SDK_LogoProsys OPC UA Java SDK 2.0

    The best choice when developing OPC UA clients, servers and systems handling complex data. Version 2.0 includes lots on improvements and new features. Read more…

    Prosys_Android_LogoProsys OPC UA Client for Android 2.0

    We have released a new version of our Android Client. This is a complete redesign of the previous Client for Android. Read more…