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All-in-One, Easy-to-Configure Solution for OPC Communication


    Softing announces the release of its new dataFEED OPC Suite addressing all the aspects of OPC communication with one product.

    Softing‘s new dataFEED OPC Suite combines OPC Server and OPC Middleware functionality into one compact software solution. The state-of-the-art graphical user interface with intelligent, practice-oriented default settings and intuitive user guidance is designed to make it exceptionally easy for plant manufacturers and maintenance engineers to quickly configure OPC communications. The highly scalable dataFEED OPC Suite provides users with the flexibility to pick and choose only those components that perfectly fit the application requirements.

    “We offer our customers an all-in-one solution that makes OPC communication exceptionally simple to configure,” says Andreas Röck, Product Manager at Softing. “For example, the configuration of our new dataFEED OPC Server B&R takes just three mouse clicks.” In addition to B&R, the dataFEED OPC Suite supports numerous industrial communication protocols and offers connectivity to legacy and modern controllers from leading manufacturers like Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, or Schneider Electric. The integrated OPC Middleware components provide the necessary platform to seamlessly integrate OPC communications into a larger context. Examples of middleware components include, but are not limited to

    • OPC UA Server – integrate legacy controllers with the Industry 4.0 context
    • Tunnel – eliminate complicated DCOM configuration for classic OPC
    • Optimizer/Concentrator – accelerate OPC communications
    • Database Access – directly store process data for further processing