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Certification News

    GENESIS64™ V10.85 Platformimg-product-GENESIS64

    ICONICS announces that it is one of the first in its industry to achieve OPC UA Client Lab Certification from the OPC Foundation for its GENESIS64™ V10.85 Platform Services. GENESIS64 is built upon ICONICS’ Platform Services, which includes universal connectivity to OPC UA, OPC, BACnet, SNMP, Databases, and Web Services. Through this powerful middleware, GENESIS64 makes it easy to visualize, via its OPC UA interface, virtually any equipment, process, operation or business data.

    sdk_architectureMatrikon OPC UA Embedded SDK

    Matrikon announced that Version 2.0 of the Matrikon OPC UA Embedded Software Development Kit (SDK) has been certified by the OPC Foundation’s Independent test labs to be compliant with the Embedded OPC Server profile. To achieve this certification, Matrikon added support for OPC UA security to the industry’s smallest commercially available embedded OPC UA toolkit.

    prosys_java_sdkProsys OPC UA Java SDK

    With the release of version 2.1.0 of the Prosys Java SDK, the company has completed the demanding certification testing with the OPC Foundation. Prosys is very proud of this achievement, which raises the product to yet another level regarding the quality, conformance to the OPC UA standard and reliability of the Java SDK. Prosys OPC UA Java SDK is now certified for the Standard and Data Access profiles, both for client and server applications.

    4a92248296Unified Automation C++ Based OPC UA Server

    The C++ OPC UA Demoserver built with the C++ based OPC UA Server SDK/Toolkit in its latest Version 1.4.3 was successfully tested by the OPC Foundation for compliance with OPC UA Specification V1.02.