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Compliance Corner


    2015 is all about Certification and this year has started well, with 8 products certified in the OPC Foundation Test Lab in the first 8-weeks. This is exciting. Certification demand is definitely on the increase from end-users, companies, and other organizations. The value of certification is simply too great to overlook. OPC Foundation Corporate Members receive FREE Certification testing as a membership benefit; check the calendar and book your test(s) now.

     Need more products to test with? Join us at the IOP Workshop in Phoenix, Arizona, hosted by Honeywell; April 20-24, 2015.

    OPC Interoperability (IOP) Workshops are a cornerstone in our Foundation’s history that helped our early-adopters to achieve interoperability between vendor products, and made OPC what it is today. Bring your OPC UA Clients and Servers to our organized testing environment and connect to other vendors’ products for testing purposes. We provide the infrastructure and test-guidelines to help you achieve maximum coverage. Attendance is typically around 20+ companies, 30+ attendees, and 50+ products. Attendees can verify their products are robust and interoperable, and if any issues are found then they can be resolved quickly and easily with face-to-face conversations. We’re testing general interoperability, security, robustness, discovery, global discovery, and will have several discussions to inform and educate attendees of important OPC activities. IOP Workshops offer amazing networking opportunities to meet your peers and legitimate industry experts in a friendly and highly educational environment.


    OPC Foundation Certification and Compliance exists because of OPC Foundation members who volunteer their time and expertise to help develop the program and tools. We have an aggressive plan for 2015 to define compliance for Redundancy, Global Discovery, Alarms and Conditions, UA 1.03, File Transfer, Historical Events, Complex Types, NodeManagement, Programs, Query, and more. We need your help to complete this work so that we can keep up with the insatiable demand for UA from all sectors so that we can meet everybody’s expectations for exceptional quality in our technology. Please contact to see how you can help.