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Compliance Corner

    Is your product one of the 108 products Certified by the OPC Foundation?

    iconmonstr-certificate-9-icon-256Certified product prove they are ready for production environments as they demonstrate compliance, interoperability with other vendors’ products, robustness, graceful recovery from bad communications, and don’t over-consume vital system resources. Don’t get left behind as your competitors certify their products while more and more organizations demand the use of certified products only. Reserve your space in the OPC Foundation Certification Test Lab here. Testing is FREE for Corporate Members.

    The OPC Lab Certification comes as a recognition of our top quality products and adds great value for our customers and their customers.

    –Christian Pogacean, Softing

    Here’s a list of certified products from this year:

    Title Organization Name Version No
    Embedded UA Server 1.0.20 Online Development Inc. 1.0.20
    PROSYS OPC UA JAVA SDK Server 2.1.0-436 Prosys PMS Ltd 2.1.0-435
    UNIFIEDAUTOTAION – CPP Server 1.4.3-291 Unified Automation 1.4.3-291
    PROSYS OPC UA JAVA SDK Client 2.1.0-436 Prosys PMS Ltd 2.1.0-435
    KEPCO- OPC UA Virtual Server 1.0 KEPCO 1
    MITSUBIHI- MX OPC UA Server Mitsubishi Electric B.V. GERMANY
    SOFTING – UA CPP Server 5.36.1 Softing 5.36.1
    MatrikonOPC Server for Modbus MatrikonOPC
    OPC Office Link Server Rensen Information Services Ltd
    OPC Office Link Client Rensen Information Services Ltd
    U.C.Me 2014 Build 204 Control-See Software Solutions Ltd. 2014 Build 204
    SOFTWARETOOLBOX – Data Logger V3.5.0.55 Software Toolbox
    OPC Server for Triconex Devices MatrikonOPC
    Softing OPC Classic Demo Server Softing 4.41.1 Build 3482
    Softing OPC Classic Demo Client Softing 4.41.1 Buil 3482
    OPC UA Client for Wincc 1.03 Ing.-Buero Allmendinger 1.03
    Anybus OPC Server HMS Industrial Networks
    TwinCat v2.1.0.26 Beckhoff Automation GmbH