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OPC UA Online Reference – Published

    The OPC Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of the OPC UA Online Reference which is a searchable collection of specifications and information models. This site can be found here. This site features hyperlinked and searchable versions of all OPC UA specifications and companion specifications. There are two parts to this online reference: the models and the specifications. The models are generated from the normative information model defined by the various specifications. These models are formally defined in an XML document called a “NodeSet” and then rendered as human readable tables with hyperlinks. The specifications are HTML versions of the documents available for download from the OPC Foundation website.

    OPC UA Online Reference Manual

    One of the key features of the online reference is the ability to follow links between information models. For example, if a companion specification like ADI defines a type like AnalyserChannelType which derives from the TopologyElementType in the DI specification then the definition of AnalyserChannelType will have a hyperlink back to the TopologyElementType. Furthermore, each of these types will link to the section in the specification that formally describes the type  (e.g. Type definition: AnalyserChannelType ObjectType). The entire site is designed to be search engine friendly so users are able to quickly find information that is relevant to them via the “Search” button. We hope this site will quickly become an invaluable tool for anyone developing OPC UA applications.

    “Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation President commented, “The OPC Foundation works with many partner associations around the world to create OPC UA Companion Specifications for different devices, machines, or services for different markets. This online reference helps to definitively find and reuse existing definitions. It is also an initial basis for automatic code generation to use standardized data. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the creation of this platform.”

    The OPC UA Online Reference can be found at the OPC Foundation website under > Resources >> Online Reference or by clicking here.