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OPC Foundation Announces Product Marketplace

    Over the last few months, we introduced our new OPC Marketplace beta to different test groups, compiled their feedback, and addressed them. Now, we are happy to roll out the OPC Marketplace to end-users and others interested in the OPC ecosystem. As OPC enthusiasts, you may already have been wondering:

    Q: “How can I find OPC-enabled products available on the market?”
    A: The OPC Marketplace is the answer! 

    The OPC Marketplace lets you easily search for OPC-enabled products that meet your needs. Whether you are looking for products that implement a particular Companion Specification, were built for a specific industry, or belong to a particular device category: the new OPC Marketplace enables you to use product-detail and OPC UA-feature filters to quickly zero in on products you are looking for.

    Check it out:

    Whether you are looking for a good overview over the ecosystem in a tile view or comparing technical details of filtered results in a table view.

    The OPC Marketplace provides the opportunity to find what you are looking for. This includes easy to understand filter options which don’t require deep OPC UA knowledge while also allowing OPC UA experts or purchasing departments to search for products matching an exact requirements list.

    The OPC Marketplace is a powerful tool which is designed to highlight the great ecosystem of OPC Foundation members, which makes this technology so powerful. In case of questions about the OPC Marketplace, please visit the dedicated forum we created:

    We will actively monitor this forum with our team to provide quick feedback if needed. It also has links to a guideline and other help material which has been created to provide detailed information about the OPC Marketplace and how to use it.