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Important Use Cases of OPC UA PubSub



    Integrated communication and platform-independent services are the two most prominent functionalities that led to the Unified Architecture for OPC specifications. The next improvement over the client-server model of OPC UA in the form of Publisher-Subscriber was a radical shift in terms of scalability and security that are sender-defined.

    Thus evolved the OPC UA PubSub.

    OT-IT integration for interoperable communication is crucial for sensors, controllers, and industrial cloud platforms. While information security remains the top concern – the affordable and customizable publisher-subscriber package of OPC UA is the most critical in achieving Industry 4.0 and IoT standards.

    Important Use Cases of OPC UA PubSub

    It is no secret that the success of industrial automation lies in interoperability and integration of devices, systems, and networks for achieving Industry4.0 objectives. Many system integrators claim to be experts in implementing information communication technologies. However, very few can develop and deliver reliable OPC UA PubSub models adhering to industry standards and specifications.

    uOPC PubSub Bridge is Utthunga’s flagship solution consolidating all-time connections between multiple Servers and Clients. Also, it provides seamless data streaming, ensuring network security across different layers of enterprise industrial automation infrastructure.

    It can integrate the lowest level field devices to the most sophisticated and platform-independent cloud or enterprise solutions. Driven by OPC UA’s latest specifications and standards, uOPC PubSub Bridge provides a wholesome experience covering all the top concerns – OT-IT Connectivity, Unified Access, and Data-exchange Security.

    OT-IT Integration with Cloud

    The success of OT-IT convergence in achieving complete and meaningful industrial communication depends on its intelligent integration with the cloud. Connecting field-device data with cloud applications helps enterprises make quick and informed decisions.

    uOPC PubSub Bridge delivers seamless OT-IT integration with enterprise solutions running on cloud platforms by subscribing to MQTT or AMQP brokers. The OT data is streamed to the cloud environment without configuring or decoding OT devices running on the vendor’s protocol.

    OT-IT Data Exchange Using uOPC PubSub Bridge

    Consolidated Access to OT Data Via Single-Point as A Protocol Bridge

    There are hundreds of OT assets at different levels in practical industrial applications. Businesses won’t be very sensible if all such devices and components cannot exchange and process data intelligently.

    uOPC PubSub Bridge functions as a protocol bridge, effortlessly consolidating access to multiple OT data to a single point. Such integration of enterprise and cloud applications provides a unified experience of information communication between numerous OT and IT layers without the hassle of connecting to multiple data sources. Such a converged model offers simplified interface for quick and easy data connectivity.

    uOPC PubSub Bridge’s OT-IT Connectivity

    Secured Data Transmission between OT Assets and IT Applications

    Since OT devices & systems are connected to IT applications via the Internet, cybersecurity and intelligent protection of information exchange across industrial layers are crucial.

    Utthunga’s uOPC PubSub Bridge CIA triangle approach offers a matured and complete information security in the form of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. It uses the latest OPC UA specifications that help implement secured OT- IT data exchange between the level-zero floor devices and the topmost layer of enterprise cloud applications.

    Industrial Information-Security Triangle


    The need for affordable, easy to onboard, and efficient OT-IT convergence is real. Establishing robust information communication across devices, systems, and networks is required to exchange data reliably, efficiently, and securely.

    While many existing technologies covering sensors, controllers, networks, security, and cloud applications seem to blur information exchange challenges, there is much to achieve. The real deal of OPC UA’s Publisher-Subscriber model is to bring scalability, improved performance, and wireless edge-to-cloud data exchange.

    Utthunga’s uOPC PubSub Bridge makes it a perfect candidate to deliver secured and reliable industrial communication at all levels. For more information on uOPC PubSub Bridge, click here. The uOPC PubSub Bridge is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace for free download.

    Here’s how Eric, an IIoT System Integrator, overcame the challenges associated with OT-IT Integration using the uOPC PubSub Bridge,

    About Utthunga

    Utthunga is a corporate member of the OPC Foundation and has been a staunch proponent for the OPC standard and we continue to support 50+ industrial automation OEMs and organizations in their OPC implementation journey. Utthunga also actively contributes to OPC UA’s Field Level Communication (FLC) landscape and Field Exchange (FX) standards.