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Product News

Deploy SIOTH® OPC UA Universal Server in Minutes

    SIOTH®, short for Smart IoT Highway, is a secure integration platform for unifying and structuring disparate and multiple IT and OT data sources. Using the graphical environment of SIOTH® platform configurator, a multi-protocol OPC UA Server can be built in a matter of minutes. This generates the OPC UA Universal Server.

    Reduced Programming Time with OPC UA and PackML

      This October, OMRON’s NJ/NX series with OPC UA will support the OPC UA Companion Specification for PackML. Standardizing equipment makes it easy to integrate production systems and helps shorten the preparation time to production.

      Released: OMRON Controller with OPC UA as Standard

        In April of this year, OMRON released its NX502 automation controller, a new product in the NJ/NX series that has an OPC UA Server as a standard feature. The NX502 integrates control, information, and safety, helping speed up all processes from commissioning through to operation and maintenance.

        Takebishi DeviceGateway Clean Energy Visualization

          Data generated in electricity production facilities is based on a wide variety of specifications and can come in many different formats depending on the controller, PLC model, or machine manufacturer from which it originates. The DeviceGateway by Takebishi can connect hundreds of different types of machinery to any cloud platform via OPC UA.

          Matrikon – Product News Q2 2023

            (1) Learn the top 6 benefits of OPC UA Reverse Connect, and how it is utilized by the Matrikon Data Broker with its FireBridge functionality. (2) Modbus users can now use Modbus Adapter for Matrikon Data Broker to enhance their Modbus infrastructure with advanced OPC UA-based functionality. (3) Finally, Matrikon is offering a DCOM Checkup Service to remotely inspect a customer’s OPC infrastructure and assess potential DCOM risks.

            OPC Spider: Reduce Dev Costs & Improve Maintainability via OPC UA

              Connecting production performance data collection systems and production plan management systems typically requires high initial cost for development plus ongoing renewal costs by highly trained individuals. Data linkage software “OPC Spider” solves these problems.

              Efforts to Realize Manufacturing that Coexists with the Global Environment

                Amid the growing trend toward a decarbonized society to halt climate change, OMRON is taking on new challenges to achieve carbon neutrality by becoming the first manufacturer to declare its membership in EP100*¹, an international initiative to improve energy productivity. One of these activities is participation in the interoperability verification experiment of GAIA-X.

                Matrikon – Product News Q1 2023

                  Product news from Matrikon this month include: Modbus Adapter for Matrikon Data Broker (Modbus MDBA) with OPC UA; Updates to Windows DCOM; and OPC UA data modeling with Matrikon Data Broker (MDB).