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September 2016

President’s Welcome – Sept 2016

    Welcome to the September 2016 edition of the OPC Connect newsletter! Our September edition of the newsletter features numerous exciting announcements from our sponsors, the OPC community and the OPC Foundation itself. There are many sensational things that have happened since the June edition of our newsletter, and a set of even more exciting things to happen through the balance of this year!

    Microsoft Announces Cross-Platform OPC UA Support

      These are incredibly exciting times in Industrie 4.0 and this new open-source cross-platform reference stack will enable the next generation of connected OPC UA products. It enables the creation of single-source OPC UA applications that will run unmodified on Linux, iOS, iPhone, most Windows platforms, and Android. Sample applications for clients and servers are also provided, making it easy to get started.

      New OPC Videos Published

        Archived videos from OPC Day Europe 2016 are now available on the OPC Foundation website. Get answers to your most pressing questions: What’s the latest status of standardization for Industrie 4.0? What were the results from the latest security analysis of OPC UA? And more…

        Bringing the Power of the Cloud to Industrial Automation

          The needs of industry have been the driving force behind the new OPC UA Publish/Subscribe (PubSub) Specification. This specification layers OPC UA on top of message based middleware (AMQP, MQTT, XMPP, etc.) allowing users to take advantage of OPC UA features such as the robust information modelling framework while adapting to message-centered communication paradigms.

          Statoil Chooses OPC UA for their OneIMS Initiative

            Prediktor AS, announced today that Statoil has chosen Prediktor’s Apis Software platform as the OPC UA gateway in their OneIMS initiative. The first delivery is to the Johan Sverdrup field. Legacy plant systems will be mapped to OPC UA semantic models from companion standards such as S95, PRODML and WITSML.

            Contextual Services and Predictive Maintenance

              In this paper, we present a complete IoT (Internet of Things) system, starting from a network of smart sensors and actuators. To ensure interoperability and a high level of standardization, a customized but compatible OPC UA industrial middleware implementation, named OPC UA / ROSA, allows secured communications. It also acts as a distributed contextual services discovery mechanism.

              New Products supporting OPC UA

                Three new products with OPC UA capability are highlighted this month. The first is the Glance graphical visualization client from ECG that supports OPC. Second is the updated netIOT gateway from Hilscher that brings IT systems and OT systems closer together. Third is the eWON Flexy M2M router and gateway with OPC Foundation-certified OPC UA capability.

                Evolving Towards the Industrial IoT

                  We’ve heard plenty of talk for the past year or two about the Industrial IoT (Internet of Things). Amidst all the conversation and occasional hype about the Industrial IoT, there has been cautious but steadily increasing implementation. This experience suggests that an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, approach to the IIoT makes the most sense.

                  Do you have an OPC story to tell?

                    OPC Foundation members are invited to submit OPC-related news, application stories, and product news for publication in OPC Connect. Stories related to OPC UA are especially desired. Take advantage of this member-only benefit and increase market awareness about your products and services!