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Compliance Corner

    2016 seems to be the year of certifying embedded UA Servers with products recently certified for Real Time Automation and IBHsoftec GmbH. Several other embedded UA products are also scheduled for testing. Do you have an embedded device that needs to be certified?

    OPC UA is truly cross-platform. Embedded UA products have long been promised and are now a reality. The OPC Certification program covers PC based applications as well as embeddable products that range from a simple chip to a large distributed control system (DCS) and bigger. Schedule your OPC products for testing today.

    Free testing exists for OPC Foundation Corporate members. Certified products are production-ready and have a proven track-record of being more reliable, more interoperable with other systems, and with increased cost savings to the vendor and customer.

    Join us at the OPC Interoperability Workshop in April in beautiful Phoenix, AZ. This is the premier event to test your products with UA Servers and Clients on PCs, mobile devices, and embedded platforms. Come network with your peers, learn more about OPC, and fix issues you find before they reach your customers.