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New OPC UA Products

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    OPC Communication with Link to IoT Clouds

    pm_sofing_iot_cloud_rgb_72dpiThe new version of Softing’s dataFEED OPC Suite now includes an MQTT connector. This makes transfer of data to IoT Clouds using OPC UA over MQTT simple and secure. With Softing’s dataFEED OPC Suite, a secure IoT cloud data application can now be easily implemented. The new MQTT Connector enables the integration of automation devices via MQTT Publisher functionality in IoT cloud applications, e.g. IBM Bluemix Cloud, or Microsoft Azure Cloud. Highest security during transmission is guaranteed through the encryption of the data using SSL/TLS.

    Solution for the Next Generation of System Connectivity

    integration_objectsIntegration Objects announced today the release of its OPC UA Wrapper product. Integration Objects’ OPC UA Wrapper is a plug and play solution that enables OPC UA clients to communicate with classic OPC servers. It supports OPC Data Access, OPC Historical Data Access and OPC Alarms & Events servers. OPC UA Wrapper acts as a bridge between classic OPC servers connected to the network and OPC UA clients by mapping the address space of classic OPC servers to the address space of an OPC UA server.

    DeviceGateway Product Preview

    takebishi-devicegateway-flyerThe DeviceGateway is an OPC UA server for multiple vendor devices and vertical markets. In  production sites, it can be directly connected to the production facilities (MES) and other IoT services. Other market applications include healthcare, home automation, and smart cities. One side the gateway speaks OPC UA , and on the other it speaks MQTT, HTTP, SQL over HTTPS (JDBC driver), FTP, AWS Kinesis, and other protocols. Actions can also be performed based on triggers like value-change, cycle, time, beacon-detected, beacon-updated, etc.

    OPC UA Native Implementation in KEPServerEX Ver. 6

    opc_tunneling_simple_newOn November 15, 2016, Kepware released KEPServerEX Version 6. This major update includes native development of core OPC UA technology, which provides improved performance, enhanced diagnostics, and a solid foundation for continued OPC UA functionality enhancements. OPC UA diagnostics are now fully integrated, which dramatically enhances users’ ability to troubleshoot communication issues between clients and the server. There are also OPC UA server interface performance improvements.

    Looking Towards 2017 and Beyond

    The OPC Foundation is rolling out several new programs including what’s known as the OPC Foundation logo member program, which allows companies to use the OPC UA logo and list their OPC UA enabled products in what the OPC Foundation is calling the OPC Foundation Amazon of products catalog.

    We are seeing widespread deployment of the OPC UA technology, and literally hundreds of vendors releasing OPC UA products in the next 18 months that embrace the strategy of having data and information securely and reliably delivered from the sensor to the cloud. OPC UA is a very scalable technology providing significant functionality that meets and exceeds the needs of the Internet of Everything. It’s going to be a very exciting 2017! The best part of the OPC UA technology is timeless durability. OPC UA products built in 2008 will still have seamless interoperability with OPC UA products built in 2020.