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OPC Foundation Announces Outreach Certification Program

    The OPC Foundation has announced expanding the OPC Foundation certification program by allowing non-members to certify their products, and creating new labs to handle the increased demand for certified products.

    opc_certified_logo_sample-264x300The OPC Foundation is truly committed to a complete open strategy. Several years ago, the OPC Foundation opened the door by making its specifications freely available to all. Then, the OPC Foundation opened their technology portfolio vault and made OPC UA open-source on GitHub. Now the OPC Foundation is making its certification program, previously only available to OPC Foundation members, completely open and available to non-members. They will be able to use the OPC Foundation certification tools and certify their OPC enabled products as such.

    The expanded certification program further increases its scope by not only certifying OPC UA connectivity, but also beginning to certify companion specifications. Complete details about the OPC Foundation certification program may be found on the OPC Foundation website.


    Tom Burke and Jörg Allmendinger

    As part of this restructuring and truly opening the doors to complete adoption and certification, the OPC Foundation is announcing the opening of multiple new labs around the world. First, the OPC Foundation is opening a new OPC Europe certification lab with the extensive experience of Ingenieurbuero Allmendinger in Salach, Germany. Next, the OPC Foundation is opening a new certification lab at the Beijing Institute of Technology in China, and has plans underway to open OPC Foundation certification labs in Japan, Korea, and India.