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Fast Tracking System Control with BIM Import

    This past November, ICONICS demonstrated the use of its Building Information Modeling (BIM) import feature at the Intelligent Building Systems event in Paris, France. The demonstration, using an interactive touch-friendly surface display, focused on a large European multi-vehicular public transport operator that is responsible for moving nearly 3 billion passengers a year.

    This customer sought an HMI/SCADA and building management software solution that could aid in the monitoring, operation, and analysis of its multiple facilities and could be integrated into existing IT/communications infrastructure (e.g. OPC, BACnet, etc.) without requiring excessive engineering. The customer ultimately selected ICONICS as its preferred vendor, due partially to the ability of its GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA and Building Automation suite to import BIM properties, images, and designs including architecture, MEP, and structural engineering, according to the ISO 16739:2013 standard.

    ICONICS’ demo at the Intelligent Building Systems event focused on one of the buildings belonging to the large European transportation company where the internal systems (heating, cooling, ventilation, etc.) had been imported as BIM data. The imported data could now be used within GENESIS64 – for asset-based navigation and control via ICONICS AssetWorX™ and data visualization in GraphWorX64™ – without requiring additional data entry. The demo showcased simulated operation of the system via 3D visualization of related assets. For instance, users interacting with the system could easily zoom in on a boiler to get a readout of operational data. Next, attendees could invoke a simple stop and start action. In addition, by simply tapping the 3D video of a selected boiler, the application showed how a system’s operator could view additional specifications, including a PDF of the equipment’s operating manual.

    ICONICS’ solution, in conjunction with its building information modeling support, has the ability to handle various data sources and types. Increasingly, customers are seeking HMI/SCADA, data historian, and analytics solutions that can handle data from multiple disparate sources, including BACnet for building operations data, SNMP for traditional IT equipment, web services, or OPC UA.

    For one large European transportation customer, it was critical to be able to leverage existing BIM models in order to quickly and easily integrate its building systems into its monitoring and control systems, as well as continue to work with its existing connected equipment and processes. As shown at the event in Paris, ICONICS is able to keep its customer’s operations on the right track.