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Turning Wonderware System Platform into an OPC UA Server

    Have you ever been in a situation where you were working with both Wonderware and some other client (HMI, SCADA, other) and needed to share data?  I know, I know – if you’re using Wonderware System Platform, why would you being using any other client application?

    Well, in the practical, real world, having clients from more than one vendor is a reality of existence in the process control world. Perhaps your company acquired another company or assets and a non-Wonderware HMI/SCADA came as part of the assets.  Or perhaps your company merged with another and now your Wonderware system is expected to play nicely with some other system.  Your options for sharing data largely depend on what software interfaces this “other system” supports.

    Our white paper discusses how to share your Wonderware System Platform (ArchestrA) or Wonderware InTouch data via OPC UA for situations where you’re working with an OPC UA capable client application that needs access to process data in your Wonderware system. Essentially, this article tells you how to turn your Wonderware system into an OPC UA Server.

    Read the White Paper Here