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TwinCAT Scope with OPC UA


    The multi-core oscilloscope with standardized communication

    TwinCAT Scope is a high-performance software oscilloscope that is divided into two main components: the Scope View integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio® for graphical display of measurement signals and the Scope Server for data recording. The Scope Server has a TwinCAT-specific and a standardized communication channel, which is realized as an OPC UA client. This enables the Scope to collect and display measurement signals from heterogeneous systems independently of the manufacturer. Through OPC UA it is reliable and secure by the use of OPC UA security mechanisms, such as certificates. All of the important OPC UA information about the target system and the corresponding namespace with its symbols is listed in the acquisition parameters in the Scope configuration.

    The optimal charting tool for automation

    TwinCAT Scope View is a modern charting tool for the graphical display of signals. It boasts simple operability and high performance in the display of line, bar or digital charts. Significant events can be marked and easily retrieved with the overview chart.

    In addition to many zoom functionalities and other classic functions such as trigger, chart synchronization, cursor and data export, TwinCAT Scope View offers multi-core support in order to utilize the full computing power of the system for the representation of high-frequency signals. This enables not only many signal curves to be drawn, but also more complex representations such as XY plots with maximum sampling rate or frequency spectra for condition monitoring applications.

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