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OPC UA HDA and A&C for non-OPC UA Sources


    While OPC UA continues to be adopted in larger and larger numbers each year across industries, it’s also true that there is still a large installed base of OPC Classic and other data sources that remain to be migrated to OPC UA. However, in this age of increased security threats, having secure methods like OPC UA to integrate industrial data is as important as ever.

    Cogent DataHub is an integration solution that includes a wide range of data interface that includes OPC UA client and server, making it possible to bridge the gap between those other data sources including OPC Classic (DA and AE), ODBC databases, DDE sources and more. When it’s not currently practical to rip and replace existing technology in an enterprise, DataHub can help integrate those sources via OPC UA so you can take advantage of increased security and ease of configuration.

    Upcoming Cogent DataHub Version 10 takes OPC UA flexibility to the next level with support for OPC UA HDA and A&C profiles.

    Historize Industrial Data to Leading Historians for Access by Any OPC UA HDA Client

    With DataHub V10, you will be able to connect to a wide range of real-time, flat-file historians:

    • InfluxDB: a popular open-source time series database, that comes with Chronograf and Grafana for creating dashboards and doing analysis.
    • InfluxDB Cloud: a time series database as a service.
    • Amazon Kinesis: ingests and stores data streams for processing in AWS.
    • AVEVA Insight: cloud-based analysis for industrial data
    • AVEVA Historian: a plant-scale industrial historian (formerly Wonderware Historian)
    • OSIsoft PI: feed real-time data to the OSIsoft PI System, using the PI Web API

    You will be able to store your data from the variety of sources DataHub supports in a compact, easily accessible format. And analysis or display of your data is easy using any of the analytical, reporting, or graphing tools available to the historian you are connecting to, as well as DataHub WebView and your OPC UA HDA clients.

    Need to move historical data across a network and do it securely? By combining InfluxDB with DataHub’s Tunneller, it will be possible to send historical data across a network, even via proxy servers and DMZs. And with built-in store-and-forwarding, you can rest assured there are no data losses during network irregularities.  And it’s all possible without VPNs or open inbound firewall ports. This is ideal for situations where your OPC UA HDA client is in a completely separate part of your network (or on the other side of the world, even).

    Generate OPC UA A&C Alarms and Convert OPC AE Source to OPC UA A&C

    And DataHub V10 will offer a number of new possibilities for OPC UA A&C users. With new full-featured OPC alarm generation abilities, users will be able to create, aggregate, and send OPC Alarms and Events via either OPC UA A&C, OPC Classic AE or both for flexibility in hybrid systems that haven’t.

    Version 10 also makes it possible to send email, SMS and/or social media alerts from OPC UA A&C server sources, leveraging how attached most modern professionals are to their smart phones as a constant source of important current information for decision making.

    And to the earlier point of converting from OPC Classic to OPC UA, DataHub V10 will allow users to convert OPC Classic AE to OPC UA A&C. Take your existing Alarms & Events and integrate them with your current and future systems without having to scrap existing systems that still provide valuable functionality for your organization.

    Click Here for more details on Cogent DataHub V10 including on-demand video preview