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Matrikon Q3 Product News Update


    Start your OPC UA  Migration Today with Matrikon OPC UA Tunneller

    There are many reasons to up your shopfloor data connectivity game. Some of these may include:

    • Reducing infrastructure complexity and the cost of maintaining it
    • Improving the security of your data communications
    • Deepening shopfloor data visibility and extending it to an enterprise-wide scope
    • Breaking out of the grip of proprietary communications
    • Fueling your company’s digital transformation initiatives by tying into new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) era technologies
    • Supporting a higher volume of context-rich data coming from the shopfloor

    Whatever your reasons are, the sooner you get started, the better because neither the competition nor the security threats will wait for you later.

    With minimal disruption to your operations or your budget, an easy place to start is to standardize on OPC UA data connectivity without necessarily replacing your existing OPC Classic components. How? By using a tool like Matrikon OPC UA Tunneller (UAT) that seamlessly takes care of the following ‘under the hood’:

    • Enable OPC UA Clients to communicate with your OPC Classic servers
    • Enable OPC Classic Clients to communicate with new or upgraded OPC UA servers
    • Facilitate secure OPC Classic to OPC Classic communications using encryption and eliminating DCOM

    Used as a phased-migration tool by companies globally, Matrikon UAT lets you do both: keep and secure what you have (OPC Classic) while introducing new (OPC UA) components at the same time.  So go ahead, extend the useful life and ROI of your existing infrastructure without holding back the rest of your company from securely stepping into the Industry 4.0 era.

    Get your fully functional trial copy of Matrikon OPC UA Tunneller now!

    Do More with OPC UA with Matrikon Data Broker v1.4

    Eliminate IT/OT gaps like secure cross-firewall data connectivity and the federation of your OPC UA data sources across network levels with Matrikon Data Broker (MDB). MDB data technology integrates powerful data connectivity management functions into a single application that takes care of things under the hood. So, you can focus on what you want to do with your data, not on how to make it possible.

    Examples of MDB functionality include:

    • Nested network traversal across firewalls and DMZs
    • OPC UA server federation
    • Support for proper OPC UA information Modeling
    • Publishing selected OPC UA data over MQTT (1.3)
    • Easily integrate with leading cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and AWS

    Learn more about Matrikon Data Broker now!

    Matrikon Virtual Training

    For over 15 years, Matrikon’s pragmatic, professionally taught hands-on OPC UA and OPC workshops have been the training option of choice for thousands of end-users, engineers, managers, and system integrators.

    With Matrikon virtual training, you get the best of both worlds: expert-led with hands-on training in a virtual lab all from the comfort of your office (or, these days, more likely your home).

    Check out the Matrikon Virtual Training Schedule now! (

    Learn On-Demand: Matrikon OPC UA Course

    Learn what you need to know about OPC UA with the newly published Matrikon OPC UA Learn On-Demand (LoD) course co-produced with Be.Services.  Cost-effective and convenient, this online OPC UA course lets you go through the material at your own pace wherever you have internet connectivity.

    No schedules, no travel, no hassle!

    Subscribe to the Matrikon OPC UA Learn-on-Demand today to get all the up-to-date information you need in a fresh, concise, and engaging format.

    Learn more about Matrikon Learn-On-Demand Training

    Matrikon FLEX™ v5 –Supports OPC UA PubSub over MQTT

    Take advantage of the power and flexibility offered by OPC UA data sent over the popular MQTT transport with the latest release of Matrikon FLEX 5.

    Essential Industrial IoT Functionality

    OPC UA PubSub over MQTT is well suited for one-to-many and many-to-one communications commonly found in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. Products that implement OPC UA PubSub over MQTT functionality are an excellent option for securely sharing shopfloor data across the enterprise and with cloud-based applications. Use Matrikon FLEX v5 to implement this functionality in your application today!

    Learn more about Matrikon FLEX, visit