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TwinCAT 3 with OPC UA Pub/Sub and On-Demand OPC UA Webinar


    TwinCAT 3 Software Directly Integrates OPC UA Pub/Sub Functionality

    Secure, Real-Time-Capable Data Communication via OPC UA

    A new extension of the OPC UA specification – which Beckhoff played a prominent role in helping develop – introduces the publisher/subscriber (pub/sub) principle into the established and standardized OPC UA communication protocol. Two different transport paths can be defined for data transmission: UDP and MQTT.

    UDP enables efficient and real-time-capable data exchange in a local network between machines or machine components, whereas transport via an MQTT message broker primarily, but not exclusively, supports cloud scenarios. As an early adopter of the specification, Beckhoff implemented an initial prototype implementation of the UDP transport path back in 2016. Now, the implementation of MQTT adds a second transport path. With the new OPC UA Pub/Sub (TF6105) function in TwinCAT, Beckhoff provides a comprehensive software package that can be used to directly configure and use both OPC UA Pub/Sub UDP and OPC UA Pub/Sub MQTT.

    Industrial Interoperability Made Easy with OPC UA-enabled Solutions

    On-demand Webinar

    Across industries, a primary challenge of Industrie 4.0 and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is the secure, standardized exchange of data and information between devices, machines and services. OPC UA is a globally accepted communication standard for secure and reliable communication – independent of device manufacturers and their platforms. As an early adopter of OPC UA technology, Beckhoff has deeply integrated the powerful application possibilities of the standard into our product portfolio.

    In this educational, on-demand webinar, Sven Goldstein, Global Product Manager – TwinCAT, and Daymon Thompson, Product Manager USA – TwinCAT, demonstrate how OPC UA can help you leverage Beckhoff software tools with third-party devices for a wide range of applications such as HMI, data tracing via scope, controller to controller communications and IoT connectivity. The webinar features a demo in which variable values from a Rockwell PLC are read out via OPC UA and further processed by the powerful tools available in TwinCAT PC-based control software.

    Watch Webinar Here