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Matrikon – Product News Q3 2023


    Matrikon Data Broker Version 2.3 Released

    The release of Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) version 2.3 makes it easier than ever to manage the context of large OT data address spaces and makes more data types available for sharing enterprise-wide and to the cloud.

    MDB 2.3 highlights include:

    • Bulk item mapping enables users to easily map thousands of items to OPC UA information model instances via lists, which users can edit using Microsoft Excel.
    • Support for publishing OPC UA Alarms, Conditions, and Events over MQTT.
    • Simplified MQTT publishing process.
    • Localization for better regional support
    • Performance optimizations for working with large address spaces (100’s of thousands of nodes)
    • and more

    Learn more about what MDB 2.3 can do for you:

    Case Study: How CP-Chem tackled Enterprise-wide OT Data Visibility using OPC UA and Matrikon Data Broker

    Discover how Chevron Phillips Chemical implemented its enterprise-wide OT data architecture to centralize data from multiple international sites. Learn how Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) empowered CP-Chem to leverage OPC UA and other open standards to create a secure and sustainable solution

    Download the Case Study now!

    Learn more about MDB or download your free trial version! Matrikon Data Broker (MDB).