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Reduced Programming Time with OPC UA and PackML


    Integrate production systems by standardizing machines and communications according to international standards

    The use of the OPC UA PackML Library enables compliance with the OPC UA Companion Specification for PackML without any knowledge of the details. This library includes Omron’s OPC UA Information Model for PackML and internal function blocks to call other function blocks in the Sysmac Library via an OPC UA Method, as well as function blocks to use OPC UA for PackML.

    Significantly reduce programming time

    The function blocks perform the required processing and act as data interfaces. Programming time can be greatly shortened by eliminating the need to design complex data and implement processing from scratch. It also allows users to add user-defined information in a namespace separate from the industry standard OPC UA for PackML. This allows for easy customization while taking advantage of industry standards.

    Safe and secure information exchange

    OPC UA satisfies confidentiality, integrity, and availability by digitally signing and encrypting, ensuring secure connection between automation systems and IT systems. The Role function manages access permissions to information for every user to protect confidential information.

    Takuya Ueki
    Global product manager, Controller