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Matrikon – Product News Q4 2023


    Discover Secure Cross-Firewall Communications via UA Reverse Connect

    Enhance OT data communication across firewalls and DMZs using OPC UA Reverse Connect. Touted as a best practice by IT and OT security experts, this standards-based UA functionality lets you establish OPC UA connections across firewalls, without the need to open in-bound firewall ports.

    Using Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) FirewBridge, you can put UA Reverse Connect functionality to work with all your existing OT infrastructure – even if it is OPC Classic-based or if some UA-enabled components do not support UA Reverse Connect.

    Learn more about UA Reverse Connect and how and why you should use it in this episode of Matrikon Data Tech Talk

    Case Study: How CP-Chem tackled Enterprise-wide OT Data Visibility using OPC UA and Matrikon Data Broker

    Discover how Chevron Phillips Chemical implemented its enterprise-wide OT data architecture to centralize data from multiple international sites. Learn how Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) empowered CP-Chem to leverage OPC UA and other open standards to create a secure and sustainable solution

    Download the Case Study now!

    Learn more about MDB or download your free trial version! Matrikon Data Broker (MDB)

    Coming in 2024: Matrikon Embedded Flex (eFlex) OPC UA SDK for powering eTSN and UA FX implementations

    With the growing use of TSN and the widespread adoption of OPC UA in embedded applications, Matrikon will release a specialized version of its professional Matrikon Flex OPC UA software toolkit in Q1 of 2024. Aptly called the Matrikon Embedded Flex UA SDK or Matrikon eFlex for short, the specialized UA SDK will serve the needs of vendors who need to implement high-speed communications in embedded applications (small computing footprints) and where determinism is required.

    To provide OEMs with a complete solution,, a strategic Matrikon partner, will also release its much anticipated eTSN SDK. Building on Matrikon eFlex, the eTSN SDK will include key functionality needed by developers to implement products based on OPC UA over UDP over TSN. Matrikon eFlex will also be geared to power UA FX implementations.

    At SPS 2023, showed a live demo of real-world solution built on pre-release on beta versions of eTSN and eFlex.  In this demonstration, an embedded application used OPC UA PubSub over UDP running over a TSN-enabled network to bridge communications between a packaging robot based on EtherCAT and a POWERLINK based controller.

    Check out the video we made with showing the live demo to Stefan Hoppe. See the video on LinkedIn

    Join the OT Data Technology conversation at the Matrikon Forum

    Have questions about adopting OPC UA, using information modeling via UA Companion Specifications, or sharing OT data across the enterprise and the cloud? Come talk about it and get answers and suggestions on the Matrikon Forum at

    Run by Matrikon experts and supported by the Matrikon user community, the Matrikon Forum is a great place to visit to discuss OPC UA, OT data connectivity topics in general, or specific Matrikon solutions. Join now!