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Mike Bryant Retires as Secretary of the OPC Foundation

    In light of Mr. Bryant’s upcoming retirement at the end of the year, the OPC Foundation would like to thank Mike Bryant for his outstanding 22 years in his role as Secretary of the OPC Foundation. During the recent face-to-face Board meeting, all Board colleagues heard a historical review from Mike Bryant on how and when he began his service to the OPC Foundation in 2001. Stefan Hoppe, President of the OPC Foundation added, “I thanked Mike Bryant on behalf of the organization and the Board. I met Mike for the first time in my life on September 11, 2001 in Houston after a trade show. Due to the special circumstances that day, there were no taxicabs and I got on a bus to return to my hotel – honestly, I was lost and didn’t know if I was on the right bus. A friendly man said, “You’re in the right place Mr. Hoppe – trust me”. It was Mike Bryant with his wife Marsha, and he took care of me all these years, during my phase as President OPC Europe, then as Vice President OPC Foundation, and then for the transfer of responsibility from Tom Burke to my shoulders. Thank you Mike for loyally looking after the Foundation and me”.

    Mike Bryant says: “As I look forward to retiring as the Secretary of the OPC Foundation at the end of this year, I look back over the past 22 years serving in that capacity. There were of course the demands of the job, the management of the membership, the management of the financials and the budgets, and the management of the organization. But most important were the relationships formed through this work. Relationships with Tom Burke, Stefan Hoppe, Karl Deiretsbacher, Alexander Allmendinger, Randy Armstrong, Mike Clark, all of the past and current Board members and so many, many others. In the end we were all working for a common goal but also in the end we all became friends not just working colleagues. As I leave, I have entrusted the continuing work of the organization to Alexander Allmendinger, who was elected by the Board to take my place as the new Secretary in January. I will still be involved with the OPC Foundation but more so in the background and Lynne Froehlich will remain as the administrative arm of the Foundation. This has truly been a great ride.”

    Welcome the new Secretary: Alexander Allmendinger

    Starting on January 1st, 2024 Alexander Allmendinger will act as the Secretary of the OPC Foundation. Alex is well known in the world of OPC due to his work in compliance. Alex had this to say: “I am honored to step into the role as the Secretary for the OPC Foundation, succeeding Mike Bryant, a dedicated predecessor who has played a vital role in maintaining the organization’s stability over the past 22 years. I first had the privilege of meeting Mike Bryant in 2011, and throughout the years, his guidance and insights into the OPC Foundation and other standardization organizations have been invaluable to me. I’m enthusiastic about the responsibilities that lie ahead and want to express my deep gratitude to the Board of Directors for their trust and confidence in me”.