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Unlocking the Power of OPC-UA


    Utthunga unveils an exclusive preview of the pre-released version of the book, “Unlocking The Power of OPC UA,” authored by a quartet of distinguished experts renowned in the OPC UA domain. This enlightening tome, which premiered as a limited edition at the prestigious SPS event in November 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany, transcends the conventional boundaries of a guidebook. It stands as a testament to the transformative power of OPC UA technology in the realm of Industry 4.0.

    In an age where industrial digitalization is not just an advantage but a necessity, this book on OPC UA is an indispensable guide for industry experts and decision-makers. This comprehensive tome demystifies the OPC UA technology, a cornerstone in the edifice of Industry 4.0, by presenting it not merely as a protocol but a strategic asset. With its in-depth analysis, practical scenarios, and real-world use cases, the book cuts through the noise, debunking common myths and misconceptions surrounding OPC UA. By doing so, it equips decision-makers with the knowledge to make informed choices, ensuring their businesses are not just keeping pace but setting the pace in an increasingly competitive industrial landscape.

    The true strength of “Mastering OPC UA” lies in its practical approach. Each chapter is structured to provide not only theoretical insight but also actionable information that can be directly applied to a variety of industrial contexts. Whether you operate a small manufacturing unit or helm a multinational conglomerate, the scalability and flexibility of OPC UA, as presented in this book, are bound to resonate.

    Authors’ Message for Industry Experts & Leaders

    Smitha Rao, Utthunga

    Calling all industry enthusiasts! Join us as we unravel the secrets behind OPC UA’s meteoric rise from limited use cases to global dominance in driving the unstoppable force of Industry 4.0.

    Praveen Kumar Singh, Utthunga

    The biggest challenge for the industries in adopting the OPC UA is to manage the plant uptime and the production. This book is a guiding light to overcome such challenges and get future-ready by harnessing IIoT advancements.

    Chatrapathi G V, Utthunga

    This book simplifies the world of OPC UA technologies in a language that can be understood by everybody. It elaborates how organizations can foster collaboration and drive innovation across industries.

    Andreas Faath, VDMA

    To achieve digital transformation, the ‘OPC UA’- based standardization of machinery interfaces and umati initiative are key to reducing development costs, integration efforts of data interpretation, and usage hurdles. OPC UA is a recommended technology by VDMA for achieving interoperable data exchange covering shop floor, systems, and the cloud.