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Matrikon – Data Technology & Unified OT Data Layer (UODL) Update

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    Matrikon Early Access Program Now Open

    Try out soon-to-be-released Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) components via the Matrikon Early Access program. The Early Access Program allows users to test drive new MDB functionality and provide product feedback before the products are launched. The following products are available for early access:

    • Historical OPC and OPC UA data publishing over MQTT: Beyond real-time data, publish your historical OPC UA data from data sources like historians via MQTT using the Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) MQTT Publisher extension. Historical OPC Classic (HDA) may also be published by using Matrikon UA Tunneller together with the new MDB MQTT Publisher.
    • MDB Adapter for Simens PLC: Get OPC UA access to your Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 series PLCs and other models with the soon-to-be-released Matrikon Data Boker Adapter for Siemens (Siemens MDBA).

    Secure your early access now. Contact your Matrikon partner or account manager or write to us at

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    Modernize non-OPC UA Data Sources with MDB Adapters

    While you can add your existing OPC UA sources directly into Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) to make them securely available enterprise-wide via a Unified OT Data Layer (UODL), what about your non-OPC UA sources? Use Matrikon Data Broker Adapters (MDBAs).

    MDBAs communicate natively with OT sources, on the one hand, and tie the data from those sources into MDB data technology (DT). This enables you to make that OT data usable, seamlessly and securely, across your OT network, the business network, and the cloud.

    Using MDBAs is more convenient than the old OPC classic connectors, because MDBAs provide a more flexible and robust solution out-of-the-box. For example, MDBAs can be deployed as Windows applications and Linux containers to best suit modern infrastructure needs. Using MDBAs to aggregate non-OPC UA sources also helps you build sustainable architectures via access to functionality like:

    • OPC UA Reverse Connect, which implements best-practices-based cross-firewall OT data communications
    • Custom OPC UA information modeling and mapping
    • Enhanced data context management
    • and more

    Matrikon is actively adding new MDBAs for many OT data sources. Examples of upcoming MDBA releases include:

    • EtherNet/IP MDBA
    • Siemens MDBA
    • OPC to UA MDBA

    Visit the Matrikon website for more information about existing and upcoming MDBAs. Discover the difference MDBAs and MDB data technology can make in your digitalization and modernization projects today!

    Is the Matrikon OEM (MOEM) Program Right for you?

    Calling all product vendors, solution builders, and software developers! Whether you need to develop native OPC UA functionality for your PC-based and embedded software or want to enhance your existing offerings by providing customers with a robust solution that ensures your offerings can securely access the OT data upon which they rely, Matrikon has a program just for you: the Matrikon OEM program (MOEM).

    The MOEM partner program offers flexible options for businesses to use leading OPC UA-based data technology by embedding, integrating, or bundling Matrikon solutions in or with their offerings.  Examples of Matrikon products included in the MOEM program include:

    • Matrikon Flex and embedded Flex (Matrikon eFlex, coming September 2024), professional C++ OPC UA SDKs
    • Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) Data Technology
    • Matrikon Data Broker Adapters (MDBAs) and access to the MDBA API for custom MDBA development.

    Learn more about how the MOEM program now:

    Matrikon Data Tech Day 2024 in San Francisco is on September 12th and you are invited!

    Mark your calendars for an opportunity to advance your data technology (DT) knowledge! Based on the success of the Houston event in May, Matrikon will now host another event in San Francisco on Thursday, September 12th, 2024. Prepare to join us, our partners, and your peers at the one-of-a-kind DT-focused event, where industry pioneers, thought leaders, and users will share strategies for enterprise-wide OT infrastructure modernization.

    Conference Highlights:

    • Discover the latest OT Data Trends and learn how to construct robust data highways.
    • Bridge the IT/OT divide and share better data using OPC UA information modeling and to-cloud solutions.
    • Harness the power of AI at the edge to revolutionize your OT applications.
    • Engage in insightful discussions on many more cutting-edge topics.

    This is your chance to gain actionable insights and methodologies that will empower your organization to share OT data securely and sustainably across all enterprise levels, using existing and new infrastructure components.

    Secure your spot by contacting us at for more details or to register.