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OPC UA Used in Deutsche Bahn Signaling System

    After evaluating further options and a proof-of-concept using a test implementation, SST and DB Netz AG made a joint decision to use OPC UA for implementing the client-server communication, because OPC UA met all requirements. An OPC UA information model was developed, which was able to reproduce the complex data structures of diverse diagnostic information.

    Collaboration News

      The number of active collaborations with many information modeling organizations and industrial Ethernet organizations has expanded including collaboration for RFID and EtherCAT.

      Product News

        The following OPC Foundation member companies have product news to announce in this issue: ABB, Arburg, Beckhoff, Exor, GE, IBH, Moxa, and Softing.

        President’s Column

          Welcome to the electrifying world of OPC Foundation 2015. There are a lot of exciting things happening on the technology and marketing perspectives in 2015. We continue to enhance and add additional transports that increase reliability and security for a variety of new hardware and software platforms already available or under development. From a marketing perspective, the OPC Foundation is choreographing many events that include our members evangelizing the OPC message of unified connectivity and interoperability. On behalf of the OPC Foundation staff we thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to read this edition of the OPC Connect newsletter.

          Coming Events

            Future OPC Foundation events include Hanover Fair, an OPC Interoperability Workshop in North America, and OPC Day Europe. In addition, OPC Foundation member Grid Cloud Systems, Inc. is sponsoring an OpenOpcUa event.

            Compliance Corner

              2015 is all about Certification and this year has started well, with 8 products certified in the OPC Foundation Test Lab in the first 8-weeks. This is exciting. Certification demand is definitely on the increase from end-users, companies, and other organizations. The value of certification is simply too great to overlook. OPC Foundation Corporate Members receive FREE Certification testing as a membership benefit.

              OPC UA for Vertical Data Exchange

                Kromberg & Schubert supplies a wide range of complex wiring systems, mechatronic and plastic parts for the automotive industry. For the implementation of vertical data exchange, Kromberg & Schubert needed a standardized interface for all machines – without having to add further PCs, e.g. as a platform for using OPC servers. The aim was to find a standardized solution that is maintenance free and suitable for long-term use.

                OPC UA Middleware Enables Highly Flexible Food Production

                  Weber Maschinenbau GmbH is the world market leader in the field of food slicer technology. In search for a standard which is able to connect machine building and IT, Weber discovered OPC UA. It contains all components which are required for software engineering within machine and plant engineering. Thanks to OPC UA it has been possible to fulfill all requirements and create a future-proof backbone for the machine software.

                  News from OPC Events

                    The OPC Foundation participated in a number of recent conferences and exhibitions including the ARC Forum Europe, E-World, and Embedded World.