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Protecting Your OPC UA Data & More with Store & Forward

    Store & Forward is a term for technology that recognizes when non-local storage locations are not available, and locally stores data in a persistent data store, and forwards that data on to the remote location when it is available again. For example, DataHub can log to ODBC databases, historians, or cloud destinations.

    Matrikon – Product News Q3 2023

      Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) v2.3 makes it easier than ever to manage large OT data address spaces and makes more data types available for sharing enterprise-wide and to the cloud. Also, read a case study to learn how Chevron Phillips Chemical utilizes MDB in their infrastructure.

      Deploy SIOTH® OPC UA Universal Server in Minutes

        SIOTH®, short for Smart IoT Highway, is a secure integration platform for unifying and structuring disparate and multiple IT and OT data sources. Using the graphical environment of SIOTH® platform configurator, a multi-protocol OPC UA Server can be built in a matter of minutes. This generates the OPC UA Universal Server.

        Reduced Programming Time with OPC UA and PackML

          This October, OMRON’s NJ/NX series with OPC UA will support the OPC UA Companion Specification for PackML. Standardizing equipment makes it easy to integrate production systems and helps shorten the preparation time to production.

          President’s Welcome – June 2023

            Welcome to this edition of OPC Connect.
            Still to this day people only think of OPC UA merely as a secure protocol to move information. It is so much more than that. It is a modeling language in cloud applications and digital twins. It is capable of file transport (since 2009). We have started three new joint working groups in June alone; two more will be started in July. There’s a lot more going on with OPC UA than meets the eye…

            OPC Day 2023 Recap & Recordings

              Last week the OPC Foundation hosted its annual OPC Day International. Watch the recordings and learn more about updates and initiatives regarding topics like technology, security, OPC UA for IT, Companion Specifications, and more.

              Compliance Corner – June 2023

                This month we report on updates regarding PubSub compliance testing, UAFX compliance testing, and MDIS compliance testing. During the recent OPC Day(s) 2023, two interesting presentations regarding certification were presented.

                Field Level Communications Corner – June 2023

                  The existing concepts of UAFX with the focus on Controller-to-Controller (C2C) are being extended to also support the Controller-to-Device (C2D) use-cases including the various factory and process automation application areas, such as motion control, field instrumentation, and distributed I/O.

                  Free Webinar on OPC UA Connectivity – July 3, 2023

                    In the webinar you will learn how to collect data from Siemens SIMATIC S5 and S7 PLCs and integrate them into modern Industry 4.0 solutions via OPC UA. Two time slots are available for worldwide participation. Register today!

                    Transforming Shop Floor Automation Using OPC UA

                      Embracing digital transformation has become imperative for companies to follow processes, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation. This article covers two case studies on how companies from different industries, steel and oil & gas, started their digital journey from the ground up.