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Top-10 Design Considerations while Implementing OPC-UA

    The main crux behind implementing OPC UA for your automation system is the choice of tools. What are the top ten points that an automation manufacturer, OEM, discrete, or process manufacturer should take note of while choosing an OPC UA Software Development Kit (SDK)? Learn More.

    President’s Welcome – Sept 2022

      Good morning, good afternoon, good evening –wherever you are in the world! This is my warm welcome to the audience in a global community. I hope you had a good summer! Usually the world quiets down a bit from mid-July to the end of August as people take vacations, relax, and recuperate. For us, this year was quite different as trade shows were moved to the vacation time, and so we’ve been very busy.

      Appliance Maker Miele Standardizes on OPC UA

        Miele is the world’s leading supplier of premium domestic appliances, as well as appliances for commercial use. In 2018 the company started their Industrie 4.0 journey. Today, 100% of Miele’s suppliers now provide OPC UA-compliant products with OPC UA interfaces in machines and controllers.

        PA-DIM Partnership Grows

          In addition to the OPC Foundation and FieldComm Group, new co-owners of the PA-DIM specification include ISA100 WCI, ODVA, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International, NAMUR, VDMA, and ZVEI.

          FLC / FX Corner – September 2022

            The Field Level Communications (FLC) Initiative has been busy: collaboration with FieldComm Group for instrumentation devices; archived webinars available to watch; controller-to-device (C2D) kickoff; OPC UA Safety technical paper published, and more.

            Multi-Vendor Alarm Integration with OPC UA

              Alarm data is critical to industrial operations to notify operators of problems or potential future problems, convey status of process sequences, support the optimization of operations, and predict maintenance needs. OPC UA does it all with its Alarms & Conditions.

              OPC UA is Changing the Industrial Landscape

                On a recent podcast, Daymon Thompson, senior product manager at Beckhoff Automation, explores how OPC UA is changing the industrial landscape. Topics include OPC UA over MQTT, and OPC UA over UDP.

                New OPC UA-based OT/IT Integration Solution

                  With the new edgeAggregator, Softing offers a flexible, container-based solution for managing complex system architectures in OT/IT integration all the way to edge and cloud applications, featuring OPC UA integration.