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OPC Spider: Reduce Dev Costs & Improve Maintainability via OPC UA

    Connecting production performance data collection systems and production plan management systems typically requires high initial cost for development plus ongoing renewal costs by highly trained individuals. Data linkage software “OPC Spider” solves these problems.

    dataFEED OPC Offers Additional Security with OPC UA

      With the integration of OPC UA Reverse Connect into its dataFEED OPC Suite Extended V5.22, Softing enables secure communication between OPC UA components in OT and IT that are separated by firewalls or DMZs. In addition, the current version V5.25 offers the “File Read” function which allows access to process data available via XML files.

      Getting The Most from Your OPC UA Investments in 2023 and Beyond

        You have made significant investments in your industrial control systems to leverage the many benefits of OPC technology over the years. Rip and replace to evolve with technology is not a good or economical option for running systems, but over time you need to move to OPC UA for the benefits of security, resilience, single common infrastructure, expanded functionality and more.

        Efforts to Realize Manufacturing that Coexists with the Global Environment

          Amid the growing trend toward a decarbonized society to halt climate change, OMRON is taking on new challenges to achieve carbon neutrality by becoming the first manufacturer to declare its membership in EP100*¹, an international initiative to improve energy productivity. One of these activities is participation in the interoperability verification experiment of GAIA-X.

          Exploring Plug & Play Cloud-Neutral Solutions using OPC UA

            Cloud computing has become increasingly popular in various industries in recent years due to its scalability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. However, migrating legacy systems to the cloud can be challenging, especially when dealing with different service providers and their proprietary interfaces. One solution to this problem is using OPC UA as a cloud-neutral communication protocol.

            Matrikon – Product News Q1 2023

              Product news from Matrikon this month include: Modbus Adapter for Matrikon Data Broker (Modbus MDBA) with OPC UA; Updates to Windows DCOM; and OPC UA data modeling with Matrikon Data Broker (MDB).

              President’s Welcome – December 2022

                Good morning, good afternoon, good evening – wherever you are in the world!
                The highlights from 2022 were significant: from the field to the cloud and back again, OPC UA is solving evermore data integration challenges. Our areas of focus in 2023 include bringing clarity to the confusion surrounding standardization, harmonizing our information models, driving OPC UA competency in other markets, and exhibiting OPC UA at a myriad of events. Thanks for reading!

                OPC Foundation Updates – December 2022

                  The OPC Foundation is proud to announce, and congratulates, those elected to Board seats for 2023-2024. OPCF also welcomes the launch of the “.NET User Group” initiated by three companies represented on the OPC Foundation Board of Directors: ABB, Microsoft, and SAP. Plus: join OPCF at trade shows and events in 2023 with our Call-for-Sponsors.

                  OPC UA Success Story: Rosendahl

                    Rosendahl Nextrom develops and manufactures equipment for the global cable, fiber optics and battery industry. Their changeover to OPC UA took place in the course of a one-month pilot project. it had to be ensured that all required plant components from a wide range of manufacturers could be connected with OPC UA. The implementation was fast and smooth.