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OPC Day 2023 Recap & Recordings

    Last week the OPC Foundation hosted its annual OPC Day International. Watch the recordings and learn more about updates and initiatives regarding topics like technology, security, OPC UA for IT, Companion Specifications, and more.

    Compliance Corner – June 2023

      This month we report on updates regarding PubSub compliance testing, UAFX compliance testing, and MDIS compliance testing. During the recent OPC Day(s) 2023, two interesting presentations regarding certification were presented.

      Field Level Communications Corner – June 2023

        The existing concepts of UAFX with the focus on Controller-to-Controller (C2C) are being extended to also support the Controller-to-Device (C2D) use-cases including the various factory and process automation application areas, such as motion control, field instrumentation, and distributed I/O.

        Free Webinar on OPC UA Connectivity – July 3, 2023

          In the webinar you will learn how to collect data from Siemens SIMATIC S5 and S7 PLCs and integrate them into modern Industry 4.0 solutions via OPC UA. Two time slots are available for worldwide participation. Register today!

          Transforming Shop Floor Automation Using OPC UA

            Embracing digital transformation has become imperative for companies to follow processes, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation. This article covers two case studies on how companies from different industries, steel and oil & gas, started their digital journey from the ground up.

            Released: OMRON Controller with OPC UA as Standard

              In April of this year, OMRON released its NX502 automation controller, a new product in the NJ/NX series that has an OPC UA Server as a standard feature. The NX502 integrates control, information, and safety, helping speed up all processes from commissioning through to operation and maintenance.

              Takebishi DeviceGateway Clean Energy Visualization

                Data generated in electricity production facilities is based on a wide variety of specifications and can come in many different formats depending on the controller, PLC model, or machine manufacturer from which it originates. The DeviceGateway by Takebishi can connect hundreds of different types of machinery to any cloud platform via OPC UA.

                Matrikon – Product News Q2 2023

                  (1) Learn the top 6 benefits of OPC UA Reverse Connect, and how it is utilized by the Matrikon Data Broker with its FireBridge functionality. (2) Modbus users can now use Modbus Adapter for Matrikon Data Broker to enhance their Modbus infrastructure with advanced OPC UA-based functionality. (3) Finally, Matrikon is offering a DCOM Checkup Service to remotely inspect a customer’s OPC infrastructure and assess potential DCOM risks.

                  President’s Welcome – March 2023

                    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening – wherever you are in the world!
                    I am thrilled and hopefully you are also excited reading this new edition full of amazing news from the OPC Foundation – the world’s largest ecosystem for industrial interoperability.

                    OPC Welcomes Procter & Gamble as its 900th Member

                      A leading consumer goods company, P&G is also a global leader in the smart manufacturing domain through its efforts to drive innovation by using digital technologies, including OPC UA, in a concept they call “constructive disruption.”

                      OPC UA “REST” Subgroup Launched

                        The REST group, as a sub-group of the OPC Foundation UA Working Group, will discuss use-cases for the integration of OPC UA via REST and propose potential extensions for the OPC UA specification. It is a special-purpose sub-group meant for IT (especially REST) experts and participants who work in Edge and Cloud computing.