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Field Level Communications (FLC) Corner – June 2022

    OPC UA FX (Field eXchange) Release Candidate 3 has been published. Join our webinar on July 12-14 to learn more. Together with Avnu, ODVA, CLPA, and PI, a common test plan for TSN has been announced. Also, the UAFX multi-vendor demo made its premiere at Hannover Messe.

    OPC Foundation Announces Product Marketplace

      The new OPC Marketplace lets you easily search for OPC-enabled products that meet your needs. Whether you are looking for products that implement a particular Companion Specification, or belong to a particular device category: feature filters enable quick sorting of available products.

      Compliance Corner – June 2022

        Test-case automation has been keeping pace with OPC UA specification releases to make it easy for vendors to build OPC UA-enabled products and ensure compliance. To that end, the OPC Foundation has built an online product catalog of products for end-users to search.

        Achieving Interoperability for Process Automation Systems

          What is the Open Process Automation Standard (O-PAS) and why is it a future requirement for industries? What role does OPC UA play in the O-PAS Connectivity Framework? Learn more and get all of your burning questions answered.

          OPC UA Compliance for Industrial Interoperability

            OPC UA is committed to compliance in order to realize “The Industrial Interoperability Standard”. In this article, Omron will introduce you to the services for checking compliance, the certification test items, and the topic of the certification test.

            DeviceXPlorer OPC Server Ver.7 will be released in 2022

              Takebishi will launch its first new major upgrade of DxpSERVER in 3 years, which is planned for release at the end of 2022. The current series Ver.6 was released in 2019 with minor improvements being made along the way.

              Embedding OPC UA into Your Product – Made Easy with SDKs

                Are you a software coder or embedded programmer looking to add an OPC UA client/server into the software or hardware you are developing? The creation of your customized OPC UA product can be done fast and easily with OPC UA Software Development Kits (SDKs) from Softing.

                Matrikon – Product News Q2 2022

                  Matrikon has released Data Broker 2.0 including a demonstration in collaboration with Microsoft Azure at the 2022 Hannover Messe. Also at Hannover, Matrikon FLEX v5 featuring OPC UA PubSub over MQTT was demonstrated. Finally, prepare yourself for Windows DCOM security changes coming in 2023.

                  President’s Welcome – March 2022

                    A warm welcome to you all,
                    “Stop the war in Ukraine” must be the first message of my contribution. Conventional wisdom says that sports and business should not comment on politics and religion. But times have changed. For someone like me, who lives in freedom, enjoying the free press and everyone’s right to express their opinion and protest in public, it is easy to call out the crimes of war and the war criminals. Honestly, as a father of 3 children, I don’t know if I would have the same courage that more and more people show, protesting publicly, and facing the risk of being arrested immediately. We technicians and engineers are called to improve the ONE world we all live in with technical solutions for better water, better air, better ground and contributions to solving the world’s climate. Instead, we are all wasting money on weapons now, and there is a war among neighbors in Ukraine.

                    Digital Transformation at Groupe Renault

                      Groupe Renault’s plan is to implement the use of OPC UA-enabled devices and equipment at all production sites worldwide, and to implement end-to-end data communication from the sensor to the machines to the cloud and back again using the OPC UA communication standard.

                      OPC Day International: April 25-29, 2022

                        OPC Foundation will address different topics each day with keynotes covering OPC UA technology, OPC UA solutions, best practices, and collaboration news. The webinar will be held twice each day to cover all timezones. Register today!

                        Field Level Communications (FLC) Corner – March 2022

                          Three years after its launch, the OPC Foundation’s Field Level Communications (FLC) Initiative is preparing for the transition from the first UAFX specification version with the focus on Controller-to-Controller (C2C) to the second UAFX specification version which is extending the UAFX concepts to also cover the use-cases Controller-to-Devices (C2D) and Device-to-Device (D2D).