Commonalities Between American Football and OPC UA


OPC UA and American Football share common ground. Both are played in rough environment where protection is needed. The ACI400 IIoT Edge Device from METTLER TOLEDO provides secure data exchange using the OPC UA Companion Specification for simple static Weighing. A video addresses communalities commonalities between American Football and OPC UA.

Watch the video about OPC UA and American Football

Get Ready for Industry 4.0 / Industrial Internet of Things

The ACI400 IIoT Edge device from METTLER TOLEDO is a gateway for the Industrial Internet of Things. It provides an OPC UA server and several MQTT clients for seamless exchange of non-time-critical data between our weighing solutions and your chosen Cloud and ERP/MES systems.

The ACI400 is ideal for customers in the Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, and Transportation & Logistics industries. It enables operations to securely and efficiently manage data and assets with well-established solutions such as Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), IBM and SAP.

Includes Companion Specification for Static Weighing

The OPC UA communication standard allows for the definition of companion specifications. Users of these specifications benefit from even easier OPC UA integration and interoperability. However, there are potential traps in the weighing process that result when combining IT communication and physical operation in an industrial environment. The ACI400 IIoT Edge supports the OPC UA Companion Specification for simple static weighing.

Ensured Data Security

Data security is a top concern for most production facilities. The ACI400 IIoT Edge implements certificate-based authentication and encryption to ensure secure connections.  Two 1 GB LAN ports are provided to create separation between your IT network and production network, making it easy to fulfill your connectivity requirements.

Designed to Grow with You

Each ACI400 IIoT Edge can connect up to four unique weighing devices. Built on foundational communication protocols that have been in METTLER TOLEDO weighing devices for decades, the ACI400 IIoT Edge can be used with legacy devices—not just our latest products. This helps to extend the life of your existing investments and prevent premature phase-out.