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Matrikon First Quarter 2021 Product Enhancements


    Matrikon announces the next wave of its quarterly OPC UA product enhancements for its end-user and software developer product lines.

    Readers interested in trying-out these applications and those looking to solve specific data connectivity and data management challenges can download free-trial copies of the latest Matrikon applications.  Matrikon invites customers with current support plans to update their licensed software at their convenience.

    Thank You to the Control Automation Community

    Matrikon is proud to announce it was voted number one in the Control Global 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards OPC Connectivity category.  Matrikon has earned the coveted top spot in this category for 10 of the last 11 years.

    Matrikon deeply appreciates the positive feedback it got from the control automation community via this award.  Especially because recipients of this award are selected based on un-assisted reader feedback, where voters provide the names of the companies they vote for on their own, not from a list. As always, Matrikon is dedicated to providing customers with top-value through a combination of innovative and reliable data technology, expert live support, training, and consulting.

    Matrikon Data Broker v1.3

    Key new features in this version of Matrikon Data Broker:

    • Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace (March 15, 2021): Matrikon Data Broker is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a Linux Container. It is now easier than ever to deploy Matrikon Data Broker from the cloud. Alternatively, users can install on-premises versions running on Microsoft Windows and Linux.
    • Multi OPC UA Data source simulation: users can now easily add and remove multiple simulated OPC UA data sources with a single click.  Matrikon Data Broker simulated OPC UA sources are automatically federated and do not require data source licensing.

    Click to learn more about Matrikon Data Broker

    Matrikon OPC UA Explorer v1.3

    The latest edition of Matrikon OPC UA Explorer, the user-friendly OPC UA client adds the following user requested functionality:

    • 3rd Party OPC UA Server Certificate Management: Managing OPC UA certificates within Matrikon OPC UA Explorer is easy with a clean, simple user interface. Users can:
      • See all certificates and their trust status on one screen
      • Double-click on any certificate for more detailed information
      • Select all the certificates they want to trust and apply the changes
    • Selective Address Space Export: users can now export 3rd Party OPC UA servers’ address spaces or portions of them to a CSV file. A particularly useful feature for creating various scripts related to cloud publishing.

    Click to learn more and get your free copy of OPC UA Explorer

    New: Matrikon OPC UA Learn On-Demand Course – Available March 24th

    Learn what you need to know about OPC UA with the newly published Matrikon OPC UA Learn On-Demand (LoD) course.

    This new online OPC UA LoD course lets you go through the material at your own pace from the comfort of your home, the office, or wherever you have internet connectivity!

    The OPC UA standard plays a crucial role in implementing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 era solutions. A as such, gaining a solid understanding of the key OPC UA fundamentals is essential to making the best decision about how to best use OPC UA in your new and existing projects. Subscribe to the Matrikon OPC UA Learn-on-Demand today to get all the up-to-date information you need in a fresh, concise, and engaging format.

    Learn more about Matrikon Learn-On-Demand Training

    Matrikon FLEX™ v500.1 Coming April 2021

    The upcoming version 500.1 of Matrikon FLEX®, the professional C++ OPC UA SDK for use in production environments, adds OPC UA PubSub (MQTT) functionality.

    To learn more about Matrikon FLEX, visit: