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Regional Report China – March 2021

    This issue features news from China regarding a very successful seminar in Guangzhou and increased cooperation with SUPCON.

    Seminar in Guangzhou

    The first seminar of the year took place in Guangzhou. As seen from the photos, the event was overcrowded with attendees.

    Deepened Cooperation Between OPC Foundation and SUPCON

    As a Class-A member of the OPC Foundation, SUPCON has consistently practiced and promoted the Foundation’s national strategy and industry development, providing industrial automation, digital and intelligent products and solutions for worldwide enterprises in the process industry. Empowering users down the supply chain, helping them to achieve the goal of “safe production, energy saving, improving quality, cost reduction and efficiency coupled with green environmental protection”, creates value for customers and society.

    Mr. Qui Kun, VP, SUPCON

    In order to provide better interconnection between products and help customers create greater value, SUPCON will increase its investment in OPC UA technology. Qiu Kun, Vice President of SUPCON commented: “SUPCON has joined the OPC Foundation, and has been a practitioner of OPC technology in China’s industrial control field. The essence of OPC is to provide a unified communication interface standard for process control and manufacturing automation system. This applies to classic OPC and OPC UA, which provides secure and reliable communication technology for data collection, information modeling from plant controls, and enterprise information management, resulting in a more open and interoperable system, and in line with our goal as well.”

    Mr. Yao Jie, GM Intelligent Centralized Control Product Center, SUPCON

    Yao Jie, General Manager of SUPCON Intelligent Centralized Control Product Center also commended that: “The technical improvements with OPC UA involves cross-platform and multiple devices. The advantages of OPC UA are easier configuration and maintenance, wider and stronger communication, with increased security as well. With the integration of IT and OT, OPC UA, as a key standard for promoting IoT interoperability, helps enable the application of digital twins.” Meanwhile, Mr. Yao has promised: “SUPCON is an experienced member of the OPC Foundation, and is going to devote resources to develop OPC UA products and solutions and create value for customers in the process industry.”

    On behalf of the OPC Foundation, Zhang Yu, the chief representative of the Foundation in China, expressed his gratitude to SUPCON for its support of OPC technology over the years, and said: “The number of Class-A members of the OPC Foundation has reached a new height again with the upgrade of SUPCON. As one of China’s leading providers in the process industry, SUPCON focuses on industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet of Things, information security, instrumentation and other areas. We expect SUPCON can drive OPC UA to establish connections with more industries, and provide more achievements for China’s intelligent manufacturing industry.”

    To learn more about OPC Foundation activities in China please contact:

    Albert Zhang
    General Manager, OPC Foundation China