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The Industrial IoT Maturity Model

    Just connecting your machine to the internet is not enough. A new model is helping to guide decision makers along a successful path in the manufacturing space.

    2017 Wrap: End-Users Pushing OPC UA

      “We are experiencing an incredibly successful rate of global adoption,” says Stefan Hoppe, Global Vice President of the OPC Foundation, looking back on the SPS show. End-users are putting pressure on their machine suppliers to implement OPC UA for their production processes. In the last year alone, 100 new members have joined the Foundation in a wave of member acquisition. In Germany, the VDMA and its 38 trade associations in particular are pushing forward the idea of OPC UA Companion Specifications.

      Enabling Bigger Thinking with Artificial Intelligence

        New technologies such as artificial intelligence may seem exciting, but without consistent standardization, problems will arise. Artificial intelligence requires data, and involves working with this data to gain insight. OPC UA acts as the standard interface to the data sources companies need to gain true insight.

        A Beginner’s Guide to OPC

          Are you new to operations technology & automation and have practical questions about how OPC terminology, how things work, what kinds of things are possible with OPC. Read this beginners guide to practical OPC questions to help you get started.

          Breaking Down Your System’s Obstacles to OPC UA Adoption

            Are you looking to migrate from OPC Classic to OPC UA? Or do you have a mix of OPC Classic and OPC UA products that need integrating? Solutions exist purposefully built to take advantage of the latest OPC technology without the cost and effort of retrofitting your entire control system, allowing you to continue leveraging your previous investments in OPC Classic solutions.

            President’s Welcome

              Every season here at the OPC Foundation brings something new and exciting to look forward to. Now with the summer months winding down, we here at the OPC Foundation are anticipating a great many more events and the continuation of all our important collaborative work. As we head into August and September we look forward to the next stops on the 2017 North America Seminar tour and you lucky readers still have the opportunity to see us there!