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Enabling Bigger Thinking with Artificial Intelligence

    New technologies such as artificial intelligence may seem exciting, but without consistent standardization, problems will arise. Artificial intelligence requires data, and involves working with this data to gain insight. OPC UA acts as the standard interface to the data sources companies need to gain true insight.

    A Beginner’s Guide to OPC

      Are you new to operations technology & automation and have practical questions about how OPC terminology, how things work, what kinds of things are possible with OPC. Read this beginners guide to practical OPC questions to help you get started.

      Breaking Down Your System’s Obstacles to OPC UA Adoption

        Are you looking to migrate from OPC Classic to OPC UA? Or do you have a mix of OPC Classic and OPC UA products that need integrating? Solutions exist purposefully built to take advantage of the latest OPC technology without the cost and effort of retrofitting your entire control system, allowing you to continue leveraging your previous investments in OPC Classic solutions.

        President’s Welcome

          Every season here at the OPC Foundation brings something new and exciting to look forward to. Now with the summer months winding down, we here at the OPC Foundation are anticipating a great many more events and the continuation of all our important collaborative work. As we head into August and September we look forward to the next stops on the 2017 North America Seminar tour and you lucky readers still have the opportunity to see us there!

          Do you Understand OPC?

            In an interview with IEN Europe magazine, Stefan Hoppe, Global Vice President OPC Foundation, talks about independent standards for safe industrial communication and the requirements of Industry 4.0.

            Safe Line Automation with OPC UA

              When automating flexible, modular production lines, equipping them with safety technology has traditionally been a costly and time-consuming process. The new Safe Line Automation concept from B&R combines OPC UA and openSAFETY technology to reduce this effort to a minimum.

              OPC UA in, OPC UA out: Reduced Effort for Analytics

                About 80% of a typical analytics project is spent on non-value-generating tasks. Instead, using OPC UA as an information model significantly reduces these efforts, meaning more time can be spent analyzing data and applying algorithms to ultimately optimize production.

                Ease the Transition to IoT Connectivity

                  Are you ready for a world with 50 billion connected devices? That’s where it’s all headed with the Internet of Things by the year 2020. So how do you connect existing assets to the cloud to gain all of the benefits of the IoT? OPC UA is the key enabler for this transition.

                  Smaller Footprint, Bigger Impact!

                    Matrikon’s new FLEX OPC UA SDK does not need great galumphing boots. Why? It is NOT a memory hog or a CPU hog. You can embed this critical functionality in all kinds of devices and use lower-cost microcontrollers.


                      As we get further into 2017 we continue making great strides with OPC technology and marketing activities. Stefan Hoppe and I continue to go out and evangelize the OPC UA technology at a multitude of different events the world over. Just in the months of April and May I have been in five different countries presenting and talking about the limitless applications of OPC UA.
                      Thank you for taking the time to read this June edition of our OPC Connect newsletter!