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Upcoming Events and Training

    Here is a brief list of events coming up around the world where you can find the OPC Foundation hard at work:

    Sensor to Cloud – OPC UA and the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite 09/07/2017 Webinar View Details
    OPC Seminar Day Taipei hosted by Microsoft 09/12/2017 Taiwan View Details
    OPC UA & PackML – Optimum Integration for Packaging Machines on the Plant Floor 09/13/2017 Webinar View Details
    FDT & OPC UA for Enterprise Integration 09/14/2017 Webinar View Details
    OPC Interoperability Workshop, Europe 09/18/2017 Germany View Details
    Industry of Things World 09/18/2017 Germany View Details
    PACK EXPO – Las Vegas 09/25/2017 United States View Details
    OPC Foundation Seminar San Diego 09/26/2017 United States View Details
    RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017 09/27/2017 Germany View Details
    OPC Foundation Seminar Palo Alto hosted by HPE 09/27/2017 United States View Details
    OPC Foundation Seminar Seattle hosted by Microsoft 09/28/2017 United States View Details
    OPC Foundation Seminar Vancouver 09/29/2017 Canada View Details
    OPC Foundation Seminar Minneapolis sponsored by BECKHOFF 10/03/2017 United States View Details
    OPC Foundation Seminar Toronto 10/05/2017 Canada View Details
    OPC Foundation Seminar Milwaukee hosted by Rockwell 10/09/2017 United States View Details
    OPC Foundation Seminar Cleveland hosted by Eaton 10/11/2017 United States View Details
    OPC Foundation Seminar Austin hosted by National Instruments 11/14/2017 United States View Details
    MTConnect-OPC UA – Uniform Information Model Enables Interoperability 11/14/2017 Webinar View Details
    SPS/IPC/Drives 11/28/2017 Germany View Details

    The OPC Foundation is all about delivering the best specifications, technology, processes and certification procedures. One of the critical things we are doing is partnering with a multitude of companies to help vendors quickly adopt the OPC UA technology, and at the same time certify their products through the OPC Foundation certification program.

    There are many vendors that provide toolkits to help you build OPC UA products. You can easily find the different vendors providing toolkit technology by visiting the OPC Foundation product catalog. In addition to that, we are looking for companies that provide training and consulting services to help you quickly bring products to market that are ready for certification. As more and more vendors incorporate OPC UA technology into their products, the adoption process and training of development staff becomes a priority. One of our members, Beeond, Inc. ( has focused their efforts on helping vendors through the adoption cycle – from concept to certification. Their 5-Step adoption process helps vendors:

    1. Assess and define their requirements
    2. Develop a roadmap
    3. Train development personal
    4. Develop the information model and software modules needed for compliance
    5. Certify their products against the specification

    This process is practical and will reduce the risk, costs, and time to market for vendors.

    Training is a critical component of the process. To facilitate adoption, the Foundation is working with Beeond to provide OPC UA software developer training for vendors who are ready to start on the path to adoption. Training is scheduled for September 25-27 in Redmond, WA , October 2-4 in Toronto, ON, and October 10-12 in Milwaukee, WI. Check out the training outline and register for this training at the Beeond, Inc. website ( These training seminars are being offered alongside the OPC UA one-day seminars listed above. This is a great opportunity to go to the OPC UA one-day seminar and then follow up and get advanced training on the OPC UA technology.

    See also other training options from: