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Modern Connectivity to MES / ERP and Cloud Systems for Weighing


    To exchange transactional-, conditional- and logistical-data with MES, ERP and Cloud Services in an affordable manner, standardization and fast to configure connectivity technology for new and legacy equipment is key. METTLER TOLEDO can easily connect legacy and new products for static weighing to modern data management systems.

    Data produced by weighing instruments is often important to manufacturing processes and financial transactions. Because of its relevance for costs and/or quality of manufactured products, the smart and easy integration of weight data into Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) and Cloud Services is critical.

    Increasing Importance of OPC UA Connectivity in Production

    Based on discussions between METTLER TOLEDO and key customers, OPC UA seems to be the preferred communication standard for exchanging non-time-critical data with MES, ERP or cloud-based services. This preference stems from the fact that it is an easy-to-use solution, and is independent from individual hardware or software vendors.

    Connecting Legacy and New Installations

    The capability to update existing brownfield installations with new state-of-the-art condition monitoring and data collection is important to extending equipment life. METTLER TOLEDO offers solutions to connect new and existing weighing devices. Solutions such as the ACI400 IIoT Edge includes an OPC UA server to ensure seamless and secure data integration with IT and Cloud Systems. Building on weighing-device communication protocols that have been in use by METTLER TOLEDO for decades, the ACI400 IIoT Edge is able to connect to older weighing devices, extending their useful life.

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