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Top-10 Design Considerations while Implementing OPC-UA

    The main crux behind implementing OPC UA for your automation system is the choice of tools. What are the top ten points that an automation manufacturer, OEM, discrete, or process manufacturer should take note of while choosing an OPC UA Software Development Kit (SDK)? Learn More.

    President’s Welcome – Sept 2022

      Good morning, good afternoon, good evening –wherever you are in the world! This is my warm welcome to the audience in a global community. I hope you had a good summer! Usually the world quiets down a bit from mid-July to the end of August as people take vacations, relax, and recuperate. For us, this year was quite different as trade shows were moved to the vacation time, and so we’ve been very busy.

      OPC UA is Changing the Industrial Landscape

        On a recent podcast, Daymon Thompson, senior product manager at Beckhoff Automation, explores how OPC UA is changing the industrial landscape. Topics include OPC UA over MQTT, and OPC UA over UDP.

        Important Use Cases of OPC UA PubSub

          It is no secret that the success of industrial automation lies in interoperability and integration of devices, systems, and networks for achieving Industry 4.0 objectives. Utthunga describes their approach using OPC UA PubSub

          President’s Welcome – March 2022

            A warm welcome to you all,
            “Stop the war in Ukraine” must be the first message of my contribution. Conventional wisdom says that sports and business should not comment on politics and religion. But times have changed. For someone like me, who lives in freedom, enjoying the free press and everyone’s right to express their opinion and protest in public, it is easy to call out the crimes of war and the war criminals. Honestly, as a father of 3 children, I don’t know if I would have the same courage that more and more people show, protesting publicly, and facing the risk of being arrested immediately. We technicians and engineers are called to improve the ONE world we all live in with technical solutions for better water, better air, better ground and contributions to solving the world’s climate. Instead, we are all wasting money on weapons now, and there is a war among neighbors in Ukraine.

            Leveraging OPC-UA PubSub as a DMZ Gateway

              PubSub allows using OPC UA directly over the Internet or the cloud using middleware like MQTT and AMQP. Therefore, none of the applications communicate to each other directly. The middleware acts as a broker that directs messages. Therefore Utthunga’s uOPC PubSub Bridge can be implemented as part of an industrialized DMZ, enhancing security.

              Using OPC UA to Bridge the Gap to Your ERP

                What are the biggest communication gaps between production environments and ERP systems? Five areas in production are particularly affected that slow down production processes and increase both error rates and workload. How can OPC UA bridge these gaps? Software Toolbox explains how their tools fit.

                Gathering Data from Various Devices and Vendors via OPC UA

                  One of the big challenges that customers are facing today is how to collect, visualize, and analyze production data scattered through a production site and utilize it to improve productivity. A mixture of old and new devices, and various networks and vendors’ products makes it difficult. Takebishi offers solutions based on OPC UA to meet these challenges.

                  On the Power of OPC: An Interview with ICONICS

                    In this interview, Raymond Van der Tas, ICONICS Solution Sales Supervisor, explains the many ways the company has leveraged OPC to deliver its substantial features and benefits to users for a competitive advantage.

                    President’s Welcome – December 2021

                      A warm welcome to you all,
                      I have done it. Did you too? Were you also mistaken? Since April 2020 with the first wave here in Germany, we live from quarter to quarter in the hope that everything will soon be over. “In 2021, everything will get better again” -was the hope at the end of 2020. Not that the virus will dissipate, but life will be again so that we humans can handle it, with the vaccine and all of our behavior. One year later and despite the impression of the cancelled SPS fair, that same hope exists again: “In 2022, everything will be better!”