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Gathering Data from Various Devices and Vendors via OPC UA

    SPONOSORED BY: Takebishi

    One of the big challenges that customers are facing today is how to collect, visualize, and analyze production data scattered through a production site and utilize it to improve productivity. A mixture of old and new devices, and various networks and vendors’ products makes it hard to collect data from each device and network. Furthermore, lots of effort is required to introduce applications that utilize the data for visualization and analysis.

    The solution to collect the data from a production site is to introduce Takebishi’s “DeviceXPlorer OPC Server” or “DeviceGateway” which supports communication with various PLCs, old and new.

    “DeviceXPlorer OPC Server” is a communication software for Windows that supports connectivity with PLCs and connects more than 230 devices and 80 vendors. It can easily bridge the data from PLCs to clients such as SCADA via OPC (OPC Classic and OPC UA).

    Another solution is our IoT gateway unit “DeviceGateway” that has connectivity with 170 devices and 50 vendors. It can be converted to various interfaces such as OPC (OPC UA), MQTT, and HTTP. The product is also available on Linux as a Docker for embedded applications.

    The OPC solutions, Takebishi “DeviceXPlorer OPC Server” and “DeviceGateway”, are the key to access and collect data from a production site.

    Takebishi is based in Kyoto, Japan. DeviceXPlorer OPC Server is one of our main products, and was released in 1998 just after the specification of OPC was established. More than 20 years of experience made us the top-share OPC server vendor in Japan.

    OPC is an international communication standard enabling digital transformation with its features such as interoperability, security, information models, and wide variety of supported applications. We offer OPC solutions to our customers with using OPC server, OPC client and system integration to collect data and utilize data in a production site.

    Once the data is available to further trace, visualize, and analyze, the SCADA package from ICONICS is the suitable solution. ICONICS is an industrial automation provider, has a significant global market share of SCADA, was named the 2018 Microsoft Manufacturing Partner of the Year, and is now a six-time winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year award. Their main products are “GENESIS64” and “IoTWorX”.

    “GENESIS64” provides real-time visualization on any device such as desktops to browsers, tablets, smartphones, and wearable devices.

    “IoTWorX” combines ICONICS’ cutting-edge IoT software technology with its proven HMI/SCADA, analytics, and mobile solutions running in the cloud.

    Takebishi and ICONICS have a business partnership and they released a fully integrated solution of “DeviceXPlorer OPC Server” into GENESIS64 and “DeviceGateway” into IoTWorX including license integration and installation. This results in a very flexible all-in-one solution having consistent and seamless operation to realize improvement of productivity in your production environment.

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